Mediocre Male Athletes

Mediocre Male Athletes
Mediocre Male Athletes Improving Their Standings

In these times, mediocre male athletes have ways of improving their standings in their sports, gaining approval for doing so, and raking in the cash from their new endorsement contracts. And the only cost is to the safety, fairness, and sanctity of women’s sports.

So, go for it, Bois and Gurls. Lack of ability is no longer necessarily a barrier. 😉 Hellfire! In these times, even if you’re not good enough to dominate in the Women’s leagues, you’ll be considered brave enough to still get those high-dollar endorsements.

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The Bloodied NFL

The National Football League (NFL) isn’t having a good season so far and the season has just begun. This certainly doesn’t bode especially well the national organization.

Bloodied and Battered NFL Logo
A Bloodied and Battered NFL

Hellfire! Even Congress and the White House has laid into them lately over Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice beating his fiance in an elevator.

This quote seems to sum up the issues that NFL is currently experiencing. It equally well sums up one of America’s more self-destructive flaws of character and thinking.

The season hasn’t exactly gotten off to a roaring start for the National Football League. With the release of the infamous Ray Rice elevator video, questions about whether the NFL properly investigated the Rice incident and treated other domestic violence incidents with the seriousness, concern and respect they deserve, and more recently the disclosures about Adrian Peterson’s treatment of his son, the NFL has been battered by bad news.

— Bob Webner
“The Bloodied NFL Shield”

One – We have the tendency to make role models out athletes even though athletic ability has no moral or ethical component and the majority of professional athletes, especially in football, come from backgrounds that never fostered any sort of proper behavior in them. And, of course, when our false gods of sports celebritydom disappoint us by reverting to form, we rant and rail at their employers to punish them harshly – less because of what they did then that they betrayed the image we painted of them.

Two – Our society has reached the point where we want employers to be accountable for the actions of their employees off the job and to harshly punish those employees – termination of their livelihood being the preferred punishment – who violate public sensibilities on their own time.


I don’t think it possible to overly stressed just how bad and how societally destructive these two belief structure are to our nation.

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Showing My Feminist Side

Yes, I know that to many I come across as a staunch anti-Feminist. I assume that among the few of the Feminist females that I’ve interacted with I am labeled by them as grossly and horribly atavistic and misogynous. That, however, says far more about the mindsets and worth of my detractors than it does about me. I am, in point of fact, a true feminist with a great and abiding love for women. It can hardly be claimed to be my fault that the Feminist movement, almost always plagued by deranged and bitter radicals, devolved into something toxic after it succeeded in its aims.

For no great reason other than something on internet offended me – what more reason could I need? – and got me thinking actively about something that’s been niggling my brain – is niggling racist? -  for some time I’ve decided that showing my feminist side is appropriate at this time. So…


Sexploited(?) Olympians

Please don’t get me wrong; I think there’s a benefit to guys lusting after women with bodies which are honed by their particular athletic endeavors. It certainly beats the skeletons dipped in wax that fashion and weight-loss industries keep telling us are desirable. My issue, such as it is, is with the fact that female athletes posing for “glamor” shots, i.e., the sexier the better, has become de rigueur across all arenas of female sport.

Face it, when a Google search for “Sexy Olympians” returns approximately 8,460,000 results, society has an issue involving these athletes. Rather than glorifying their abilities, we revel solely or mostly in their figures.

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How The Game Is Played

When it comes to football, especially high school and college football, how the game is played is supposed to be more important than the score or seasonal standings. This doesn’t seem to be how it actually works most of the time, though. Hence, it great to see when it does and to see teams like St. Clairsville High School’s Red Devils, coaches like Brett McLean, and players like Michael Ferns.

How The Game Is Played…Or Should Be, At Least

It’s really quite a simple thing – but simple seems to be bloody damn hard more often than not – Coach McLean, Michael Ferns, and the starting Red Devils did the right thing and showed the depth and strength of character and fellowship that school athletics are supposed to teach young people.

I could go into all the details but ESPN has does a better job of that than I probably could. Just go to the link in the first paragraph if you want the sad and amazing details.

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For Everyone Else

One always has to remember that people aren’t ever responsible for their actions; if they’ve done something wrong or heinous it’s because they’re sick or “have a problem.”

Such people should never be held accountable for their actions; they need treatment an rehabilitation, not punishment or consequences.

For The Rest Of There's... Paul Fell's great comic
“Treatment” Varies By Facility Of Course

That’s why actors and actresses; politicians and bureaucrats; and the rich and famous of any stripe go to rehab. For the everyone else who can’t afford such treatment programs there’s “home remedies.” 😉

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