Fit For Lust?

Insofar as I can see there are many roads to beauty despite what the fashion and weight-loss industries keep spewing. Yet, are all the possible roads equally valid and successful, or are some doomed to marginalization and fetishization?

A case in point – Muscular women as in women who have toned their bodies and built up significant amounts of muscle, much more than the typical “hardbody” or fitness model.

Muscle Babes – Hot or Not?

As one of my wives is fond of saying, “There’s no point in arguing matters of personal taste.” But what is society’s consensus opinion of these women’s beauty and sexiness and its foundation for that opinion?

Are "Muscle Babes" Sexy?

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Will these women expand the concept of female beauty? Will they be considered freaks and unbiddable? Or will they be assigned a set of expected predilections and behaviors, much like women with numerous or prominent tattoos, and be relegated to fetish status?

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2 Responses to “Fit For Lust?”

  1. Tom Zot Says:

    "They're too mannish"?
    Some people need to learn the difference between muscular and masculine.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Yeah! I agree with you.

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