Obama’s Only Defense

President Obama has, despite the efforts of the MSM to keep things quiet, managed to rile up a strong and growing storm of condemnation over his usurpation of power and arguably illegal war in Libya.

Obama’s defense of his violation of US law and even the War Powers Act, which gives the POTUS certain limited leeway in using force without prior congressional approval, seems to center upon the war in Libya being a UN mandated action that is being conducted under the auspices of NATO.

Obama - Uh ... What They Said
The UN Made Me Do It. I was Only Following Orders

The only other possibility is that Obama is attempting the Whoopi Defense – It’s not war-war, much like it wasn’t rape-rape in the case of Roman Polanski drugging and rutting into an unconscious 13 year-old girl.

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2 Responses to “Obama’s Only Defense”

  1. zslavens Says:

    I will not attempt to deffend Obama’s defiance of the war powers act (You couldn’t just go ask congress if it was ok to use drones to moniter enemy military tanks and help guide air strikes by the french? Is that so hard?), but I will say this: The common complaint about the U.N. is that they never enforce any of their rullings. There for I find it ammusing that the one time they actually do back up their resolution with military power, everyone gets all worked up. It seems the U.N. can do no good.

  2. jonolan Says:


    I’ll give you that one and it’s an insightful observation about the status of the UN as well.

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