Halcyon Dreams

For a long time America reveled in a halcyon dream in which we felt safe and sheltered from much of the evil that stalked the Earth.

Then Things Changed
WTC Ad circa 1982 AD (19 BA – Before Awakening)

But we forgot that those halcyon days whose image we clung to were always only a brief respite between the storms of the lasting winter of discontent, strife, and savagery.

Then we were brutally awakened on the morning of September 11, 2001.

The Red Dawn of the Age of Awakening

Now we must put aside our love of those stolen dreams and live and fight in the waking world. When the work is done and all our enemies and those who would support or avenge them lay dead and unmourned it will be time for rest, sleep, and dreaming.


H/T to Max Kaplun who found the old WTC advertisement and posted it.

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