Nobel Prize For Race

President Obama has been awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize for being America’s First Black President.  The Nobel Foundation in Stockholm, Sweden and the Nobel Committee in Oslo, Norway seemed to be as enamored of the curiosity of a Black being POTUS as the rest of the world was in the wake of Obama’s election. I can think of no other rationale for a Committee of five persons elected by the Norwegian Parliament – called the Stortinget – to award President Obama the prize, such as it is.

This is when the puling Obama followers start raving that I’m a racist. 😉 That’s OK; they’re not deserving of having their opinions given any credence by myself of any other American.

I’m not going to bother going into whether or not President Obama – or the TOTUS – has done anything to-date  deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize. That’s an opinion that will undoubtedly vary between people depending upon what they hold as important, deeds or words and projected aspirations. That debate is utterly meaningless in the larger scope of things and completely immaterial to Obama’s receiving of the Nobel Prize.

What is important is that President Obama had done absolutely nothing to deserve the Nobel Peace Price, other than being a Black man who was a successful politician in America, at the time of his nomination for the prize.

To be considered eligible for an award, it is necessary to be nominated in writing by a person competent to make such a nomination. A personal application for an award shall not be considered.

Competence to submit nominations shall be incumbent on representatives, domestic as well as foreign, of the field of culture in question, in conformity with detailed regulations issued by the prize-awarding body.

Each year the prize adjudication shall embrace such nominations as have been submitted during the preceding twelve months up to February 1. If, in addition to the prize for the current year, the prize-awarding body has at its disposal prize money reserved under §5, the question of the award of the prize for the current year shall be decided before a decision is made concerning the amount reserved from the preceding year.

Statutes of the Nobel Foundation, § 7

Barack Obama was elected as the 44th President of the United States on Tuesday, November 4, 2008 and formally took office on January, 20, 2009. The nomination, from a qualified source, had to be submitted to the Norwegian Nobel Committee in Oslo before February 1, 2009. That would give a window of 11 days between President Obama Inauguration and the deadline for his nomination for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize.

11 Days!

What did President Obama do in those 11 days other than get settled into his new office? Did he do anything during the first two weeks he was in office that furthered the cause of Peace at all? The answers are respectively nothing and  no; President Obama achieved nothing to promoted Peace during those 11 days nor did he even attempt to do so.  It would be totally ridiculous to have expected him or any other POTUS to have done so.

But… Barack Obama did manage to, as a self-identified Black man, to get elected as the 44th President of the United States. I am forced to conclude that the Nobel Committee has awarded President Obama the 2009  Nobel Prize For Race.

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5 Responses to “Nobel Prize For Race”

  1. ichabod Says:

    Hi Jonolan;

    Politics and self preservation of the world are what is promoting this award, something to remind Obama what to live up to as he makes decisions which may or may not cause loss of life and severe hardship for many.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Politics is what is behind it, and Europe’s infatuation with the idea of a Black POTUS, ichabod. They nominated him within 11 days of his inaugurations!

    But then this is the group that gave the Peace Prize to Yassir Arrafat but denied it 5 times to Gandhi…

  3. thoughtbasket Says:

    I agree that this prize was political, and that Obama has not done enough to earn it yet. But to say that Obama followers (over 50% of the people who voted, remember, or around 67 million Americans) don’t have opinions worthy of being given credence seems over broad, unnecessary and mildly undemocratic.

  4. jonolan Says:

    You misinterpreted my statement. I was referring to only Obama’s followers who have chosen to ascribe racism as the reason for Americans’ dissent against Obama and his agenda.

    Also, I wouldn’t push the voting number too hard if I were you. Due to poor turn-out (actually down 5% from 2004), Obama ended up being elected by only approximately 33% of the total possible electorate. Apparently, a whole lot of people didn’t like either Obama or McCain enough to actually vote.

  5. Says:

    Nobel Prize For Race…

    Obama got the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize. Why? What, other than being the 1st Black President had he done in the 11 days of his Presidency before the nomination?…

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