Double Coyote Ugly

As most know, politics makes for strange bedfellows, especially with the intersection of business interests and political careers. It’s often odd, commonly disgusting, but sometimes it’s downright self-destructive.

A Case in point would be Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s chronic and apparently uncontrollable addiction to “Green” energy systems

Chu Coyote Ugly
Oh, Christ, What The Hell Did I Do Last Night?

I swear he’s worse in some ways than Anthony Weiner. At least, to our knowledge, Weiner wasn’t paying for it and certainly wasn’t paying for it with our money.

WASHINGTON—Sources have reported that following a long night of carousing at a series of D.C. watering holes, Energy Secretary Steven Chu awoke Thursday morning to find himself sleeping next to a giant solar panel he had met the previous evening. “Oh, Christ, what the hell did I do last night?” Chu is said to have muttered to himself while clutching his aching head and grimacing at the partially blanketed 18-square-foot photovoltaic solar module whose manufacturer he was reportedly unable to recall.

We’re talking some serious coyote ugly here. The truly sad part is that we’re also talking about an odd and sad twist to the phrase, “Double Coyote Ugly,” since it’s anyone’s guess which one them would be more likely to want to gnaw their own limb off in order to escape that bed without waking the other. 😉

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Bad Medicine Addict?

Are you or someone you know a bad medicine addict? If so, there is hope.

D.A.R.E - Democrat Abuse Resistance Education
Addicted To Bad Medicine? Seek D.A.R.E – Help Is Available

Democrat Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) can help you help yourself get your life, dignity, and soul back. Just say no to thugs.

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Obama Satisfies Them

The Liberals and Progressives are satisfied by Obama, even if they’re not satisfied with his performance or with some of his saner policy decisions.

Obama's like a drug that the Liberals and Progressives are hooked upon
Obama – The Fix That They Crave

The boy’s like a drug to them, feeding their monkeys of ethno-guiltism and oikophobia since he hustled onto the national stage in the 2008 elections.

Don’t lump the “Black Community” in with the White, Leftist addicts. They’re not satisfied by or with Obama… But they’ll vote for him anyway since he chose to be Black.

You also can’t lump those who aren’t supporting Obama so much as making war against the GOP. They’re oikophobic as well but Obama does not feed their need.

And, while they whine about hpw Americans have supposedly “othered” Obama and rant about the alleged “niggerization” of him, it just makes them crave him more and more, like when coca is processed into cocaine or opium into heroin.

The Liberals and Progressives are too far down the addiction spiral to ever have any hope of getting clean on their own. It’s definitely time for an intervention. 😉

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Sterilizing the 3 D’s

eugenesia In the case the three “D’s” are the disabled, degenerate, and dependent – the three meta-categories of people that no sane member of any society wants to reproduce.

The question is whether or not it’s ethical to encourage them to get sterilized so as to avoid their propagating the vast host of problems such breedings cause society.

Barbara Harris, the founder of Project Prevention – formerly known as C.R.A.C.K. (Children Requiring A Caring Kommunity) – thinks so, specifically when it regards drug addicted women – and a few men. Her organization offer cash incentives for such people to undergo sterilization procedures.

Others think that Harris and Project Prevention are hellish in nature. They claim that she’s taking advantage of women who are not able to make an informed decision about their health. They’ve called what she’s doing bribery. They’ve claimed that she’s taking away these drug addicts’ right to reproduce. And – of course – they’ve brought out the old canard of racism.

The Question Remains

Is it ethical to offer drug addicts money to be sterilized?

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Personally, I find no ethical problems with offering anyone, especially the mentally disabled, the morally degenerate, and dependent, money if they’re willing to be voluntarily sterilized. I find it a far more efficient and moral choice than Planned Parenthood’s counseling these sorts to have abortions and any form of contraception that requires a regimen of intake is unlikely to be effective for these people.

Is it eugenics? Certainly, of a sort.  I see reason to be bothered by that.  Eugenics, when practiced on a voluntary basis, is no sin insofar as I can see. Killing unborn babies in order to save them from a nightmarish life is another story, as is ignoring their plight.

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The Leftists’ Kool-Aid

The the Leftists, these Liberals and Progressives, have been drinking the Kool-Aid handed out to them by their master in great draughts is obvious. They gulp it down with the sick frenzy of addicts. Worse, like the true dregs of humanity that they are, when they are denied their preferred fix, they turn to cruder intoxicants such as what Obama sold throughout their ranks in recent times – much in the same way as derelicts will turn to Sterno when booze is not available.

What has been the question facing Americans though is what exactly is this Leftist Kool-Aid that they’re guzzling. Just what is this strange brew that give them such garish visions and whips them into such destructive frenzies? We, at long last, have found out…

We Have Found Their Kool-Aid

Sadly, even finding the intoxicant that these Liberals and Progressives so readily get hopped up on serves America little at all. It is easily and cheaply produced and, unlike the “Kool-Aid” of Jonestown, it’s not immediately fatal to the drinker, instead causing mortal harm to all those better people surrounding them.

I have my doubts about the possibility of reforming these addicts. A junkie is a junkie and will always be so and this Leninade seems worse than crack or meth, so a twelve-step program seems unlikely to help. Still, America has to do something about the Leftists and the Kool-Aid addiction.

At least we’ve discovered the Leftists’ Kool-Aid. Breaking the supply chain can be worked out later. 😛

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