In This Day And Age

In this sad and degenerate day and age America has devolved into something that is already barely recognizable – though not, as yet, as unrecognizable as our domestic enemies, the Liberals, Progressives, and their minority tenants desire and demand.

Cake & Baby Parts
Of Cake And Baby Parts In This Day And Age

In this day and age America has politicized cake and socialized infanticide, more often called abortion and more politically correctly termed “reproductive freedom.” The government will go out of its way to persecute and destroy a business owner who won’t support the queers but will endorse and subsidize abortion mills… even when these abortionists are padding their bank accounts by selling the body parts of the babies they’ve killed.

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Liberals’ Childish Angst

Liberal Choices of AngstLiberals’ Childish Angst

And the greatest irony is the Liberals and Progressives – ever so fond of infanticide aka abortion – seem to feel, judging by the vitriolic rhetoric, that the underlying issue with the term, “Anchor Babies” is that it dehumanizes the results of the illegal aliens’ gestational tourism.

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Obama, Murder & Babies

It’ a common Leftist refrain that Obama’s views, opinions, and policies are too complex and nuanced for mere Americans to understand or appreciate. Nowhere’s is this more true than when it comes to Obama’s rhetoric on protecting children from deadly violence.

Obama Murder and Babies
Obama’s “Complex” Views On Saving Children

Frankly, I’m forced to agree with America’s domestic enemies this time. I can in no way reconcile, understand, or appreciate Obama’s “complex” views and jabbering on when, where, and how children’s lives should be protected form harm. 😉

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Sterilizing the 3 D’s

eugenesia In the case the three “D’s” are the disabled, degenerate, and dependent – the three meta-categories of people that no sane member of any society wants to reproduce.

The question is whether or not it’s ethical to encourage them to get sterilized so as to avoid their propagating the vast host of problems such breedings cause society.

Barbara Harris, the founder of Project Prevention – formerly known as C.R.A.C.K. (Children Requiring A Caring Kommunity) – thinks so, specifically when it regards drug addicted women – and a few men. Her organization offer cash incentives for such people to undergo sterilization procedures.

Others think that Harris and Project Prevention are hellish in nature. They claim that she’s taking advantage of women who are not able to make an informed decision about their health. They’ve called what she’s doing bribery. They’ve claimed that she’s taking away these drug addicts’ right to reproduce. And – of course – they’ve brought out the old canard of racism.

The Question Remains

Is it ethical to offer drug addicts money to be sterilized?

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Personally, I find no ethical problems with offering anyone, especially the mentally disabled, the morally degenerate, and dependent, money if they’re willing to be voluntarily sterilized. I find it a far more efficient and moral choice than Planned Parenthood’s counseling these sorts to have abortions and any form of contraception that requires a regimen of intake is unlikely to be effective for these people.

Is it eugenics? Certainly, of a sort.  I see reason to be bothered by that.  Eugenics, when practiced on a voluntary basis, is no sin insofar as I can see. Killing unborn babies in order to save them from a nightmarish life is another story, as is ignoring their plight.

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Rapid Capitulation

As several people including Jennifer at Order in the Quart! have informed me, it took under a week for Komen For The Cure to capitulate to the baby killers’ screaming and reinstate funding to America’s number one abortion mill, Planned Parenthood. So the abortionists won this round and proved to themselves that they had enough useful idiots to enforce their anti-life agenda.

One the brighter side, approx. 1500 poor women per year will be able to be referred by Planned Parenthood to breast cancer screaming service providers.

For those Americans who understand that abortion is the murder of the most helpless and only guaranteed innocents in the world – and who are actually against it even if childbearing inconveniences some females, Komen’s rapid capitulation to the abortionists in painful and maddening. There are, however, other points to consider in this matter.

Do Not Act As They Do

Komen For The Cure’s mission is stated as the eradication of breast cancer, not the ending of on-demand abortions in America. The two things are not related beyond the simple fact that both are “women’s issues.” It just doesn’t make sense for Komen not to reverse their decision in the wake of the Feminists’ shrill and strident objections because not doing so could jeopardize the success of their mission.

Anger should be directed at those Feminists who placed on-demand abortion above women’s health, not at Komen. Remember always that it was exactly these Feminists who called for Komen’s destruction for not supporting abortion. Americans should not sink to their antisocial level and similarly put the fight against breast cancer in jeopardy.

Market Forces In Action

Utterly irrespective of whether we, as Americans, like Komen’s giving in to the abortionists, this was a direct case of free market forces in full operation. It was empirical proof that, in the absence of governmental intervention and meddling, people can directly impact and change the course of business. Certainly, we don’t have to like this specific occurrence but we must respect it for what it was.

Enough of Komen’s consumers were against the new funding policy to potentially negatively impact Komen’s revenues enough to make a difference. Komen responded as is required by the free market and, unless we’re willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater, we have to understand and accept that.


Many of us donated to Komen For The Cure when they donated approximately 0.17% of their annual outlays to Planned Parenthood, which funded only 4% the breast cancer screenings Planned Parenthood provided, and I can’t see the point in turning away from them just because they tried to change that and failed due to market pressures.

Our domestic enemies might be comfortable behaving that way, but we should be better and more intelligent than that.

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