Don’t They Have Landfills?

It seems that the Boston area still has a lingering problem caused by Tsarnaev brothers’ terrorist attack. They don’t seem to know what to do with remains of the vermin, Tamerlan Tsarnaev because no cemetery will accept the subhuman filth’s corpse.

A Worcester funeral home director is pleading for government officials to use their influence to convince a cemetery to bury Boston bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but so far no state or federal authorities have stepped forward to help out.

“We have a body for burial that has caused a lot of controversy and we can’t continue to play this game,” said Peter Stefan, owner of the Graham, Putnam and Mahoney Funeral Parlors. “Under normal circumstances, the government would say it’s (the funeral parlor’s) responsibility to find a place for burial, but this is not normal circumstances. This is a nightmare.”

Since Stefan accepted Tsarnaev’s body Friday, protesters have been outside the funeral home, under the wary eye of local police, demanding that the bomber’s body be shipped out of the United States. Meanwhile, Stefan told the Herald the family wants Tsarnaev buried in Boston but he can’t find a cemetery anywhere willing to take the body.

And, of course, one of Massachusetts’ many Democrat politicians, State Sen. Harriet L. Chandler (D-Worcester) is clamoring for the federal government to step in a provide for the disposal of Tsarnaev’s carcass somewhere’s else other than any place in Massachusetts.

The federal government needs to step in. But I’m not sure what they’re going to do or where will they go.

Frankly, I don’t understand the problem. Don’t they have landfills in Massachusetts? They should just drop the pig-fucker’s carcass in a wood chipper, bag the resulting slurry, and send it to the most convenient dump with the rest of trash. Neither money, time, nor consideration should be wasted on the Tsarnaevs.

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6 Responses to “Don’t They Have Landfills?”

  1. FX Phillips Says:

    You’re forgetting the environmental impact of the runoff from such toxic waste.

    I think the Osama bin Laidout scenario might be a solution.

    Or perhaps like the Vikings using some Matchlight charcoal and a rubber dinghy.

  2. jonolan Says:

    Please! Barring a few rare – in the US – diseases, animal remains are far, far, far less toxic than most of which makes up leachate. Also, MA landfills have been lined for years in order to prevent just such toxic residues from entering the larger environment.

  3. FX Phillips Says:

    I cede the point to your greater command of the subject at hand 🙂

  4. jonolan Says:

    😆 Oddly enough, landfills and their effects on the environment, especially the aquifer, is something I know about and have dealt with in the course of a long and varied professional life, FX.

  5. Alan Scott Says:


    I am thinking that your idea should also include the living. Like maybe those responsible for holding the kidnap victims in Cleavland for a decade. I cannot equate incarceration with justice in many of these crimes.

  6. jonolan Says:

    Yeah, that’d be a good addition. Just remember though that law and justice are almost never the same thing and few really want the latter.

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