We Actually Like It

Girls Kissing Girls – We Actually Like It

As I’ve pointed out repeatedly, the normative majority of Americans are not in the least bothered by lesbians and bisexual women. Hell! We like it when they kiss girls; it’s our favorite thing.

The only ones who seem to have a real problem with it are some lesbians and the Feminists, and they have more of a problem with our lack of a problem with it than the girl-on-girl kissing itself – rather obviously in the case of the lesbians.

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And Still Not Bothered

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And We’re Still Not Bothered

I’ve posted before that America doesn’t mind seeing lesbians engage in PDAs. I’ve even reiterated the point to see if my negative results could be replicated and they were.

So, to push the boundaries of societal acceptance in furthering my theory that the lesbians are screaming about something that exists only in their minds, I’ll add interraciality into mix. I’m betting that there will still be no outrage, at least not from the bulk of American society.

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You’re Born That Way

Born Racist - Born That Way Because You're WhiteYou’re Born That Way

Hey, White People! You’re racist; you’ve always been racist and you’ll always be racist. You’re born that way! Your were and are racist from birth just because you’re White. Such is the strongly held belief of Liberals and Progressives – most of whom are, themselves, White…but guilty about that – and the “Black Community.”

That is the core belief of the Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) among us. They use their shibboleth, White Privilege to both identify their own and their fellow travelers and provide themselves a rationale to label all Whites as racists…because they’re White.

Irony, Hypocrisy, or Both?

So, according to the SJWs and the ever-angsty, hateful, and covetous Blacks all Whites are inherently, implicitly, and irredeemably racist just because they’re White. Also, only Whites are such because only Whites can be racist by the SJWs’ definition.

I don’t know if deciding that a “race” and only one “race,” Whites is always racist is ironic to the point that Hipsters would kneel and chant “We are not worthy” or an example of hypocrisy so rank that maggots would recoil from it in nauseated horror. Probably it’s a bit of both.

Born That Way Sounds Familiar

Yeah, that’s part of the irony and hypocrisy of this. That Whites are declared to be born racist sounds awfully like queers are born homosexual. The difference being that the Left and the Blacks have absolutely no issue with either persecuting Whites for it or with staging “interventions” and enacting “aversion therapies” to get rid of it or, at the very least, coerce Whites into being ashamed of it. Being born that way seems to only be an excuse accepted by certain sorts for certain things, not all, and things done to someone to “correct” their inborn flaws seem to be wrong only some of the time.

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Still Not Bothered

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Girls Kissing Girls? Nope! Still Not Bothered By It

I posted about homosexual public displays of affection (PDAs), apparently something that queer activists think Americans hate and loath, only affecting male queers and waited almost nine months for some sort of outrage…and waited, and waited.

Nope! We’re still not bothered by girls kissing girls in public or private. The post is quite popular but the singular comment was positive. Hell! If various polls, statistics, and anecdotes are to be believed, we like it.

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Really! We Don’t Mind

Occasionally in America, normally due to some instigation by LGBT Social Justice Warriors, the topic of homosexual public displays of affection (PDAs) comes up. Most recently it was due to Hillary Clinton’s queer outreach campaign ad, which made a few ripples in that conversation.

What the topic, conversation, and whining always avoids though is the simple fact that what few complaints are actually made against queer PDAs are almost universally gendered. In other words, while two men lip-locking may well engender derision, two women kissing, even unto the point of some serious snogging, is rarely a cause for complaint.

Simply put, if it’s two women kissing and they’re not butt ugly – and yes, we often complain about butt ugly hetero couples’ PDAs too – we don’t mind. Really! We don’t!

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Girls Kissing Girls? Really! We Don’t Mind At All

Honestly, the various and sundry complaints that the lesbians make about reactions to their kissing in public are equal parts ridiculous, hilarious, and annoying due to the total fallacy of them.

I’m well past being young and the meme of young women “experimenting” in college long predates me and has rarely raised anything but a titillated eyebrow. And that has expanded to the not particularly ranted against LUGs. Indeed, the socialization and mainstreaming of lesbianism has reached the point where “Barsexuals” are the norm in clubs instead of the rarity worthy of any particular note.

And, as for the pornography industry, sadly almost always a good indicator of what is and/or will be the sexual norm, girl-on-girl was for decades the number sub-genre of porn…until it became so mainstreamed that it largely stopped being a sub-genre and became a de rigueur inclusion in most non-genre specific porn films and videos.

Yeah, the evidence supports the theory that, by and large, we don’t mind seeing two women kiss or, more accurately, we don’t mind it any more than we do a subjectively as attractive heterosexual couple doing so . In a lot of cases, we actively enjoy it.

In a twisted point of fact, the one’s most likely to complain about to women kissing in public are the lesbians. They have a deep-seated problem with women of insufficient “lesbian cred” doing so. Then, lesbians have a long history of despising bisexual women too so their attitude and derision is, at least, consistent with their pathology.

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