Be Aware Of Breasts

It’s October and one of the things that means is it’s Susan G. Komen Awareness Month aka Pink Ribbon Awareness Month… also and more politically correctly known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. So please be aware…of breasts this month.

Now, before I go on let me state for the record that Komen does a variety of good work and does well. It’s just that Pink Ribbon Fatigue is real and well-deserved.

But, in any case or event, October is a great month to be even more aware of breasts than we normally are. It doesn’t matter how you look at them, they’re wonderful.

From The Top

Cleavage – the easy to achieve standard view of the world’s best hope for a new power source, is always a good starting point for awareness, a top-down overlook if you will.

From The Side

Sideboobs – Currently the most legally and commercially important viewpoint on breasts, this is one of my favorite ways of appreciating breasts. One could think of the sideboob as rarer and deeper study of the wonder of women’s breasts.

From Beneath

Underboobs – Think of this as a bottom-to-top appreciation of breasts. It’s certainly the rarest presentation and, hence, the most provocative. I’d call it an in-depth study of subject.

They key is boobs. They cure anythingBoobs Are Magic

It’s important to remember that, no matter how you look at them – and look at them or, at least, want to you will – breasts are magic, strong magic, magic that some cowardly and/or breast-deprived fools think cause earthquakes. So let us all remember that we must respect the magic even as we “labor” to ensure that the magic of boobs doesn’t leave the world.

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Rapid Capitulation

As several people including Jennifer at Order in the Quart! have informed me, it took under a week for Komen For The Cure to capitulate to the baby killers’ screaming and reinstate funding to America’s number one abortion mill, Planned Parenthood. So the abortionists won this round and proved to themselves that they had enough useful idiots to enforce their anti-life agenda.

One the brighter side, approx. 1500 poor women per year will be able to be referred by Planned Parenthood to breast cancer screaming service providers.

For those Americans who understand that abortion is the murder of the most helpless and only guaranteed innocents in the world – and who are actually against it even if childbearing inconveniences some females, Komen’s rapid capitulation to the abortionists in painful and maddening. There are, however, other points to consider in this matter.

Do Not Act As They Do

Komen For The Cure’s mission is stated as the eradication of breast cancer, not the ending of on-demand abortions in America. The two things are not related beyond the simple fact that both are “women’s issues.” It just doesn’t make sense for Komen not to reverse their decision in the wake of the Feminists’ shrill and strident objections because not doing so could jeopardize the success of their mission.

Anger should be directed at those Feminists who placed on-demand abortion above women’s health, not at Komen. Remember always that it was exactly these Feminists who called for Komen’s destruction for not supporting abortion. Americans should not sink to their antisocial level and similarly put the fight against breast cancer in jeopardy.

Market Forces In Action

Utterly irrespective of whether we, as Americans, like Komen’s giving in to the abortionists, this was a direct case of free market forces in full operation. It was empirical proof that, in the absence of governmental intervention and meddling, people can directly impact and change the course of business. Certainly, we don’t have to like this specific occurrence but we must respect it for what it was.

Enough of Komen’s consumers were against the new funding policy to potentially negatively impact Komen’s revenues enough to make a difference. Komen responded as is required by the free market and, unless we’re willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater, we have to understand and accept that.


Many of us donated to Komen For The Cure when they donated approximately 0.17% of their annual outlays to Planned Parenthood, which funded only 4% the breast cancer screenings Planned Parenthood provided, and I can’t see the point in turning away from them just because they tried to change that and failed due to market pressures.

Our domestic enemies might be comfortable behaving that way, but we should be better and more intelligent than that.

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