Size Doesn’t Matter

Women really stress themselves out over their body image issues, especially when it comes to their breast size or “lack” thereof. I find this equal parts sad, maddening, and humorous because, while most men have some level of preference for larger breasts, it’s only some level of preference; size doesn’t matter – big, medium, or small – we men still love them and want to see them as soon as- and as often as possible.

Men don't care if you've small boobs; we still want to see them
Size Doesn’t Matter – We Still Want To See Them

That’s right, Ladies! Even if you’re a charter member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee, us guys are still going to try to cop peek down your blouse. Honestly, while we may shake our heads and question why we’re doing so, we really can’t help ourselves and will at least think about doing it…and doing it again.

Nothing to see here yet we look anyway
Presented As Evidence

So relax! Your breasts are just fine. Size doesn’t really matter that much. It’s so very much not a “Go big or go home,” sort of thing. We like and lust after your breasts no matter what size they are. 😀

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