Obama Satisfies Them

The Liberals and Progressives are satisfied by Obama, even if they’re not satisfied with his performance or with some of his saner policy decisions.

Obama's like a drug that the Liberals and Progressives are hooked upon
Obama – The Fix That They Crave

The boy’s like a drug to them, feeding their monkeys of ethno-guiltism and oikophobia since he hustled onto the national stage in the 2008 elections.

Don’t lump the “Black Community” in with the White, Leftist addicts. They’re not satisfied by or with Obama… But they’ll vote for him anyway since he chose to be Black.

You also can’t lump those who aren’t supporting Obama so much as making war against the GOP. They’re oikophobic as well but Obama does not feed their need.

And, while they whine about hpw Americans have supposedly “othered” Obama and rant about the alleged “niggerization” of him, it just makes them crave him more and more, like when coca is processed into cocaine or opium into heroin.

The Liberals and Progressives are too far down the addiction spiral to ever have any hope of getting clean on their own. It’s definitely time for an intervention. 😉

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4 Responses to “Obama Satisfies Them”

  1. Alan Scott Says:

    I think Barak Obama should begin to think about what he will do in retirement. Being an ex President is quite lucrative. I read that Bill Clinton made about $13 million last year making speeches. And that was in a bad economy. I bet the first Black ex President could do better next year in a Romney recovery year.

    Then there will be the third auto biography, covering his historic Presidency. I bet he wins the Nobel Prize for literature. No more stress, Hollywood parties. Next year could be a very good year indeed. Mitt should throw Barry a retirement party.

  2. jonolan Says:

    😆 That’s probably true, Alan. Of course it assumes that Americans don’t decide to enact retribution upon the piece of shit. Remember, it only takes one of us in the right place at the right time to end his retirement dreams.

    Of course, at that point, it becomes Moochelle who’s raking in the dough.

  3. Alan Scott Says:

    Jonolan ,

    A Martyr we don’t want. A Jimmy Carter is much better. A live ass is better than a dead lion. Every President in my lifetime, no matter how much he screwed up when in office has been rehabilitated. Except Jimmy Carter. Even Nixon and Clinton have had their reputations restored to one degree or another. Carter alone stands out as a failure. After him it took twelve years before Democrats again captured the White House.

    If Barak Obama fails to win, all of the green marxism will get pushed back. It could be another 12 years before another generation of college kids with no memory of the past gets brainwashed into voting for a cool Democrat.

    Obama will have a good life among a narrow slice of Liberal Sugar Daddies, but he will be a living reminder to Democrats of a boom to bust far left failure. The Democratic Party will have to move pretty far right to be competitive again.

    Many of today’s right wing politicians started out as young liberal college kids during Carter. I believe that many future Conservative Congressmen will have Obama to thank for their epiphanies.

  4. jonolan Says:

    You may well be right, Alan, but I’ll always be the last man to gainsay an American’s right to retribution.

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