The White Guy

Below is an interestingly disgusting and all too typical example of race relations as exemplified by America’s liberal media – and probably most ethno-guiltism-ridden Liberals in general.

There’s the White Guy

Katie Couric, anchoress of CBS Evening News, after spotting VP Joe Biden in the crowd at President Obama’s State of Union address, commented, “Nice to see a little diversity, with an African-American President, a female Speaker of the House, and there’s the white guy.” The “White guy” in question being the Vice-President of the United States, Joe Biden.

A cartoon showing White police officers and a chimpanzee – with no actual references to any individual or minority – is immediately and stridently denounced as being racist, but directly and overtly disrespecting the Vice-President by using a “racially tinged” diminutive – think “boy” – to refer to him is OK it seems, at least to Couric and her ilk.

If you’re expecting a general uproar over this, you’re most likely wrong. Go to the Liberal cesspit, HuffPo and read the comments to this video. Complaints about this aren’t being “received well.”

Would anyone care to hazard a guess at what would have happened if a news anchor had referred to Obama as the “Black guy?”

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