Scalise Is Sort Of Right

Scalise Is Sort Of Right
Scalise Is Sort Of Right

Yes, Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise is sort of right about the Dems’ petulant obstruction of President Trump’s desire for a wall to be built across the more at-risk areas of our nation’s southern border. Depending on how you read things, e.g., “border security,” and which Democrat-initiated measures during the Obama Regime one wants to reference, the Dems asked for anywhere between 5 and 10 times the money that President Trump has asked for to fence off that same border.

But then, border security measures and anything associated with such weren’t bad things – and certainly not racist – until Donald Trump did what was unthinking to the Dems, get elected POTUS.

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Build The Mutha F’in Wall!

Build The Mutha F'in Wall!
Build The Mutha F’in Wall!

It no longer really matters what it takes to do so; build the wall! We are in a national security crisis and the People want it built, despite the contrary claims by the Democrats’ Fake News Corps.

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CNN – 1/1024% True

CNN – 1/1024% True But They Identify As Trusted News

It’s actually no wonder at all that CNN is so fond of Elizabeth Warren. They have as much in common with that they identify as as she does.

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