If It Were Obama

President Obama has, in his ever-nuanced manner, weighed in on “Weinergate.” What would be surprising in anything other than an election year is that Obama didn’t come out in support of Rep. Anthony Weiner staying in office – though he was careful to mouth the right words about it being a decision that Rep. Weiner and his constituency must be the ones to make.

I can tell you that if it was me, I would resign. Because public service is exactly that, itís a service to the public. And when you get to the point where, because of various personal distractions, you canít serve as effectively as you need to at the time when people are worrying about jobs and their mortgages and paying the bills, then you should probably step back.

— President Barack Obama
NBC’s TODAY, Durham, NC, June 13, 2011

An interesting question, and one that Obama might actually be asking himself, is what should a politician do when he’s the distraction preventing effective service at the time when people are worrying about jobs and their mortgages and paying the bills?

Others in high office have asked themselves that hard question and answered it by placing their constituency before their self-interest. One wonders if Obama will do the same.

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