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The Gods Made Girls

Posted in Music, Society on May 28th, 2015

A brief word of warning – While the song in question is couched in the normal Christian monotheism of America, my commentary is in the framework of my faith, which is generally described as Pagan. If that’s going to be a larger issue for you than the actual meat of the commentary, there’s this thing called the Back Button. 😉

The Gods Made Girls

Not only is RaeLynn aka Racheal Lynn Woodward delectably cute and a fine singer, she’s got the right of things in “God Made Girls.” The Gods made women to complete men and men to complete women.

Maiden, Warrior, Mother, or Crone – whichever Aspect they currently evoke, the Gods made women to make men better than they’d otherwise be. That’s the crux of it that underlies any and all expressions of gender roles in the world.

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A Hot Spaghetti Western

Posted in Music on May 4th, 2015

Before I going any further with this, thanks need to be tendered to Cmblake6 for this video which I scarfed off of his blog.

Thank The Gods They’re Country Girls

OK, I’ve always been a fan of spaghetti westerns, but when a Italian band like the Village Girls releases “Thank God I’m A Country Girl” my enjoyment of the genre reaches whole new heights.

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Anaconda Dreams

Posted in Music, Society on November 30th, 2014

Back on the morning of September 3rd, 2014 I posted about Nicki Minaj’s single, “Anaconda” off her album, The Pinkprint. What cThe song’s refrain, the refrain, “My anaconda don’t want none unless you got buns, hun,” resonates strongly with me.

These Huns Got Buns

So here’s nine more anaconda dreams and nine more bootylicious babes with the sort of buns that so many men – and their “trouser snakes” would greatly want.

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