Do You Believe?

Allegedly the Obama Regime planned and launched a military operation that killed the jihadi vermin, Osama bin Laden – or at least that is what Obama announced last night and what a large number of Americans believe.

Yet we have no body and no proof that this is actually the truth. It’s actually just something that we’ve been told and that we want to believe.

Some people, myself included, have their doubts about the veracity of Obama’s claim.

It doesn’t count until you bring me the body.

— jmochagrrl aka Mrs. jonolan #2

The above quote was said before her or I knew that Osama bin Laden’s body was not still in US custody for verification of the kill, and jmochagrrl shows far more trust in- and support for Obama than I do.

Too Conveniently Timed

As much as I really want to believe that Osama bin Laden has been exterminated, the number of significant coincidences in the timing of this along with the lack of tangible proof set off my “bullshit alarm.”

  1. Obama just recently formally launched his 2012 reelection campaign and he kills (by proxy) Osama bin Laden.
  2. Obama needs to end the Afghan Conflict in order to regain some support in his base and he kills (by proxy) Osama bin Laden.
  3. It’s eight years to the day after President Bush made his oft-mocked “Mission Accomplished” speech and Obama kills (by proxy) Osama bin Laden.
  4. Obama just released what is purported to be a PDF of his long form birth certificate, once again igniting the flames of race-baiting against his detractors and he kills (by proxy) Osama bin Laden but has no incontrovertible proof of this fact.

Miracles do happen and sometimes politicians get handed gifts out of blue at the whim of the Gods, but this strains credulity more than a little bit.

Good planning can take the place of miracles more often than not and it’s not impossible that the pertinent details of this reported event are both accurate and a result of that planning. It’s a big stretch though in this instance to put that all together.

Reports of Osama’s Death

It’s seems hard to believe that Osama bin Laden, suffering from renal failure and needing dialysis, could survive on the run as he supposedly has if the US just managed to kill him. Add to that Benazir Bhutto’s claim in the weeks just prior to her assassination – hmmmmm… – that Osama had been murdered in an Al-Qaeda power struggle some time ago and things get even more doubtful

In point of fact, the Left repeatedly brought up the improbability of Osama bin Laden still being alive during the latter half of President Bush’s tenure in office. Those claims, much like the “anti-war” movement didn’t stop until Obama was installed into office.


Don’t get me wrong; I want to believe that we’ve exterminated this filthy vermin. I just have my doubts, doubts that partially stem from my – and most Americans – wanting to believe this is true and the sure knowledge that politicians and their staff know this.

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