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The Butterfly Effect

Posted in Humor, Science, Society on January 25th, 2023

The Butterfly Effect – Chaos Ensues

Chaos is perhaps the most overused and misused term in science today. That being said, Gentlemen, we don’t have to understand chaos or the deeper meaning behind the Butterfly Effect. We just have to be aware of- and beware of the problems it can, does, and will cause us in life. 😉

Prehistoric Puke Cannons?

Posted in Animals, Humor, Science on January 12th, 2023
Prehistoric Puke Cannons?
Prehistoric Puke Cannons?

So, whether they used them or not as a defense mechanism, Brachiosauridae had lethal puke cannons! And no, Ladies and Gentlemen; this is, while funny in a sophomoric way, not truly a joke. It’s actually a plate from Dr. Anthony J. Martin’s book, Dinosaurs Without Bones.

And… “Brachiosaurus puke crater!” 😯