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A Harsh Realization

Posted in Humor, Musings, Society on November 15th, 2014

Self inspection is for most people very difficult, especially when such musing and pondering centers on one’s place in the grand scheme of life.

Oh my God! I'm an NPC!
Oh My God! I’m An NPC!

And yes! We are most of us merely NPCs, bit characters in someone else’s story, forever doomed to play out our small parts and be forgotten, having done little at all which will be remembered by history. But this would be a harsh realization and most people won’t ever make it and will vociferously reject it if it is pointed out to them.

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A Question Of Offense

Posted in Musings, Politics, Religion, Society on October 5th, 2014

A Question of Offense
A Question Of Offense

This is a very basic and very valid question. Perhaps that is why no Liberal or Progressive will ever truly answer it if asked by an American.

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Please Be More Specific

Posted in Humor, Musings, Politics on September 30th, 2014

It strikes me as more than a little odd that the US Secret Service has provided such seemingly piss-poor protection to Obama, especially since he’s supposedly the most threatened POTUS is recorded history.

Secret Service questions whether or not Obama should be in the White House
Could You Be More Specific

It sometimes makes me wonder if the Secret Service doesn’t actually believe that protecting Obama from assassination is actually in the best interests of America.

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