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Just For Laughs

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on January 31st, 2010

Some would say that this comic image is in poor taste. Others, Americans for example, would probably find it hilarious. Many of the latter would find it even more hilarious were it to really happen.

Leftist Wing-nut ObamaCare Supporter
Wanna Toss Him In With The Lower Taxes Now Bunch?

For myself, I think it’s pretty funny as an image and as an idea. It’d make a great reality TV show. We could just drop members of opposing groups in cells together, let them “discuss their differences,” and broadcast the ensuing hilarity for America’s enjoyment. 😉

It’d be like the WWE cage matches, but without the oddly and disturbingly transsexual costumes.

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Three Women On A Plane

Posted in Humor on January 30th, 2010

A glamorous French model, a busty American co-ed, and an exotic African woman are traveling aboard an airline when the pilot announces that the plane is about to crash. Each beauty, putting the urge to panic aside, took immediate and decisive action to ensure their rescue.

The french model hastily puts on make-up, stirring up much curiosity. “Rescuers, they will save a beautiful girl first!” She declares.

The American co-ed quickly unbuttons her top and removes her bra, smirking. “The rescuers will save a girl with big, beautiful breasts!”

The African woman rolled her eyes at the other to beauties, stood up, and pulled her panties down and tossed them aside. “You two are fools!” She told the other two as she draped herself across her seat. “They always look for the black box first.”

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Fox: Most Trusted News

Posted in Society on January 29th, 2010

Fox News ChannelFox is the most trusted television news network in America according to poll results released by Public Policy Polling on January 26, 2010. That has to stick in the craws of the Liberals, though not nearly so much as Fox’s ratings and revenue sticks in the craw of the other media outlets.

But don’t expect to hear much about these poll results from any MSM source, including News Corp.

The other media firms certainly aren’t going to talk about this. Fox News strongly outperformed all of them. That, in combination with the White House’s attacks on Fox’s credibility, make it’s very unlikely that they’re going to say anything about their being less trusted as a news sources than their powerhouse rival.

The Liberals sure as Hell aren’t going to talk about this. They can’t even spin it into being the partisan results of a Right-biased poll because Public Policy Polling is a Democratic Party machine with almost entirely Liberal clients. If the results of the poll are skewed – which is not in any way not proven or even posited – it is unlikely that they’d be skewed in Fox News’ favor. 😯

Public Policy Polling is the group that included the question, “Do you think President Obama is the Antichrist” in a poll about support for ObamaCare. Need anyone say more about their bias?

News Corp certainly isn’t going to boast about being the most trusted source of news in America because, while Fox News might have been the most trusted of the the news outlets in the poll, it still wasn’t shown to be particularly trusted by people in America. Truly, Fox’s numbers are not worth bragging about.

The Overall Scores

The overall Trust, Distrust, and Not Sure response percentages to Fox, CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC from the 1,151 registered voters polled on January 18th and 19th, 2010.

Trust Distrust Not Sure
FOX 49% 37% 15%
CNN 39% 41% 20%
NBC 35% 44% 20%
CBS 32% 46% 22%
ABC 31% 46% 22%

So Fox News is definitively the most trusted media outlet for news, with a solid 10% lead over its nearest competitor, CNN. It is also the only MSM outlet for news who was more trusted than it was distrusted (49% : 37%) by respondents to the poll.

But only slightly less than half of the respondents said that they trusted Fox as a source of news! Being the best of a bad breed is still being part of that bad breed.

No, dont expect to hear much about these poll results from any MSM source, including News Corp.

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