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Lacustrine Mermaids

Posted in Art on May 7th, 2015
Lacustrine Mermaids

Most associate mermaids with the marine environment. It seems, however, that Gestiefeltekatze enjoys the beauty of mermaids who prefer to inhabit more lacustrine habitats.

As this blog is called Reflections From A Murky Pond, I’m 100% in favor of more freshwater mermaids, especially ones who love lakes and ponds. 😉

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The Zombie Apocalypse

Posted in Art, Humor, Society on February 1st, 2015

I think we actually be nearing the Zombie Apocalypse. No, I’m not expecting the streets to soon fill with the hungry undead – DNC functions excepted 😛 – any time soon or, likely, ever. I’m talking about the apocalypse of the zombie meme itself.

Girls In Their Undies vs. Zombies

I’m pretty sure that the existence and popularity of cartoonist massgrfx’s Girls In Their Undies vs. Zombies indicates that the Zombie Apocalypse meme is rotting away from the inside and that its end – Not with a bang but a groan – is fast approaching.

I mean, C’mon! There’s now the pop-culture term, “ZILFs” (Zombies I’d Like to Fuck) and iZombie exec producer Rob Thomas is comfortable taking full advantage of it.  Hence, while predicting the eschaton of a meme is inherently inaccurate, I think this one is done or nearly so.

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Happy Little Bombs

Posted in Art, Humor, Politics, Religion on November 22nd, 2014

Happy Little Bombs and Unhappy little Ragheads
Happy Little Bombs

Ah, Bob Ross’ Joy of Bombing – happy little bombs, happy little smoking gobbets of Muslim meat, very unhappy little raghead vermin. 😆

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