The ACLU’s New Honesty

The ACLU's New Honesty
The ACLU’s New Honesty

Here’s another bit of interest from the Left’s now largely defunct hysterical mob action over Justice Kavanaugh: The ACLU in a rare paroxysm of honesty came out and campaigned  – to the point of spending millions of dollars on multi-state ads – against Kavanaugh’s nomination solely because of Ford’s now discredited allegations against him.

But, at least this is a much needed bit of honesty on the ACLU’s part.  And it is honesty, as a leaked internal memo shows clearly. The ACLU has officially abandoned their commitment to the Bill of Rights in favor of “Social Justice.” Now they’re just another hate group and, sadly, a well-funded one at that, with a large stable of lawyers to use in lawfare against the American people.

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2 Responses to “The ACLU’s New Honesty”

  1. Jake Arminius Says:

    The Wiemar Republic is now firmly entrenched in America, while the few warned and educated Americans about the coming Bolshevik Revolution for decades the majority were too concerned with hot dogs, watching TV, and finding any diversion to dumb down.

  2. jonolan Says:

    True. Sadder is that the burgeoning Nazis – those sorts who vote Democrat – have their Media claiming Americans are the Nazis, when we're closer to being the Jews in this context.

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