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Those Masked Muslims

Posted in Humor, Politics, Religion on February 22nd, 2015

The people’s of the Civilized World have become used to seeing masked jihadis and terrorists. We’ve pretty much made the assumption that the Muslims’ wearing of masks was a practical effort to avoid direct reprisals and to instill greater fear in their victims.

What if we were wrong? What if they’re wearing those masks simply because they’re some butt-ugly, subhuman freakazoids?

Shakir Wahiyib is one butt-ugly, primitive looking raghead vermin
Put The Mask Back On, Shakir!

C’mon! Take a gander at ISIS’ executioner, Shakir Wahiyib. It’s not just ugly, it’s not even completely human looking being closer in appearance to some offshoot of Homo neanderthalensis or Homo erectus than to Homo Sapiens, though it could be that Homo sapiens idaltu isn’t as extinct was as once thought.

Yeah, they really need to keep their masks on. The combination of their behavior and appearance might otherwise cause a resurgence in the study of phrenology. :lol:

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Muslim Outreach

Posted in Humor, Politics, Religion on February 22nd, 2015

I’ve made some negative comments about Obama’s desire to provide employment to Jihadis. Amongst other things, I felt they just weren’t employable. In the latter assertion I might have been mistaken.

A Muslim Outreach program for employing ragheads
Muslim Economic Outreach

There are jobs that American tax dollars can provide for the problematical Muslims that would solve for the problem that they are efficiently and effectively. Indeed, we should shoot for 100% in the Muslim World in order to end the issue of Radical Islam and terrorism. ;-)

I’d also like to point out that, if the Muslims are brought into captivity, they’re also quite employable as pharmaceutical testers. And let’s not forget that they can also replace pig carcasses for testing the terminal performance of small arms munitions.

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Who’d Hire Them?

Posted in Humor, Politics, Religion on February 21st, 2015

Obama seemed pretty proud of his regime’s “Jobs for Jihadis” program to counter Islamic terrorism.

Who’d Hire Them?

Take a look at a sampling of them though. Who’d hire them? I can’t see where any amount of economic improvement and increased employment opportunities outside of the suicide bomber marketspace would help them much, if at all. :lol:

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