Self-Inflicted Integricide

MSM Suicide - Self-Inflicted IntegricideWhat the MSM aka the Lamestream Media aka Fake News has done to their credibility with the American people can best and most aptly be called Self-Inflicted Integricide. The same Presstitutes who whored themselves out to the Obama Regime picked up their proverbial guns and shot themselves through their journalistic ethics in an attempt to keep their “johns,” the evermore-extreme, delusional Left.

Then, after of decade of being little to nothing more than whores for the Liberals, Progressives, any group of non-normative protected trait bearers, they’ve utterly alienated the American people who had for many decades respected them. By this point there’s really no realistic path back for them. The integricide was mortal and I doubt that even heroic measures can save them now.

I say that I see no realistic hope for cure for what’s left the “Free Press” because, both for them and for the People, it’s only going to get worse. The Left, these Liberals and Progressives as they call themselves, are utterly intolerant of heresy and are quick to rant and rave against the MSM whenever they have decided that their presstitutes have step out of the fold by not being hateful enough towards anyone and everyone who doesn’t sufficiently comport themselves to the Left’s ever-changing and ever-degenerating standards.

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3 Responses to “Self-Inflicted Integricide”

  1. Jack Rip Says:

    You speak the truth and it already is a national catastrophe. The really scary thing is so many people who believe themselves to be conservative and Independent or Republican do not have a clue about what is going on! They seem to exist in their own little worlds as if nothing or no one can touch them. Too many of them have relegated themselves to a culture where all is fine if they are driving an upscale car and they can score a piece of ass on Saturday night. How sad they will be when they wake up and realize it is too late.

    I recently cancelled the Memphis Commercial Appeal which is a mouthpiece for U. S. News. They regularly use headlines to editorialize and to out rightly attack President Trump. What was once a fine newspaper has become liberal trash.

  2. Jack Rip Says:

    I apologize to President Trump for the obvious typo (Crump) in my comment above. I tried several times to correct it within the time limits allowed, but the site would not let me do it. Sorry.

  3. jonolan Says:

    No worries! I fixed it.

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