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Understanding Ferguson

Posted in 2014 Election, Politics on August 21st, 2014

Understanding the race riots in Ferguson, MO is really easy. Even the shit show surrounding it is easy to understand.

Ferguson - August and November
Ferguson – August and November

At the street level it’s very simple. Blacks have a tendency when concentrated together past a certain demographic point to engage in racial protests, rioting, looting, and general (un)civil unrest whenever they feel that one of their number has been harmed by a White, especially a White law enforcement officer. Such behavior is endemic to the culture of the “Black Community” and Americans are apparently supposed to excuse it due to there having been perceived to be a long history of white cops killing supposedly innocent black people and that this isn’t something Blacks can easily “get over.”

The Obama Regime’s injection of itself into a local matter is also very simple. Without ACORN, they have to use other means to “Get Out The Vote” among this key Democrat demographic. ;-)

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Fergusonian Follies

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on August 21st, 2014

In truth, watching and reading about the still-ongoing with no end in sight racial protests, rioting, looting, and general (un)civil unrest in Ferguson, MO is a lot like watching some Dystopian reprise of the Ziegfeld Follies. It certainly has all the pageant and all the lack of meaning or plot that the Follies always had.

Ferguson Protest
The Shit Show That Is The Ferguson “Protests”

The Fergusonian Follies certainly have a dark, gritty reboot of the variety acts that were central to the extravaganzas were conceived and mounted by Florenz Ziegfeld. Nowhere will you find a better a darkside minstrel show than in Al Sharpton’s and Jesse Jackson performances…and they don’t even need blackface. :lol:

And that’s just the players – or is it “Playa’s” – at the local level. You can’t and should forget the guest star, Eric Holder aka Raceman and his backup cast of “Peacekeepers” who’ve been dispatch by Obama to Missouri to ensure that Darren Wilson is indicted, tried, and convicted on some set of charges or another and that similar reprisals are levied against the state and local police forces who’ve been trying to contain the damage from the protracted race riot.

Eric Holder aka Raceman
Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Nana Raceman!

You can almost hear Holder chuckling and saying, “Everyone expects the Kenyan Inquisition.”

But hey! It’s sort of interesting that reality TV has grown to point that it can produce such grandiose, Ziegfeldian production numbers. ;-)

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Watch and Learn

Posted in Politics, Society on August 20th, 2014

One of the tropes that has come out of the shit show that is Ferguson, MO is the call for all police to have to wear cameras on the persons that record all their interactions with people. This is a far less than stellar idea, especially if those video records are accessible by the public or, worse, the agenda-driven MSM.

Simple put, don’t necessarily believe your possibly lying eyes – as you might be able to see after watching the video presented below.

Police Brutality or Legal Use of Deadly Force?

For most observers it’s blatantly obvious. The police officer ordered the suspect to put the weapon down, and then shoots him as he is complying with the officers command. That’s police brutality in a general sense and an “execution style” murder in the more specific.

Such would certainly be what the average, untrained, inexperienced on the streets observer would see. It’s certainly what so many of the anti-police crowd and the ethnoguiltists would expect to see. It’s also what the MSM would definitely portray, especially since it involved a White officer and a Black perp.

And yet, this is wrong. If that’s what your eyes saw, they were lying to you, either due to a combination of lack of training and experience and perspective or due to observer-expectancy effect.

In actuality, the perp had a pistol in the back of his waistband and was reaching for it in order to shoot the police officer as he was lowering his rifle to the ground. The second officer, who had circled the building and came up behind the perp, saw it, called, “Gun!” and the first officer put the perp down with three rounds to center of mass.

No single GoPro camera footage is going to show the whole of the facts of the encounter. Nor is likely that bystander’s camera phone footage would either. Hence, demanding or endorsing the use of such devices or such behavior as the recent trend in people thinking it’s right to film the police in the normal course of their often unpleasant and dangerous duties a particularly good thing overall.

Remember this lesson whenever you’re shown a video of a police officer supposedly behaving badly or with excess force and/or aggression.

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