It’s Just Monkeyshines

There’s a lot outrage over the “jokes” that Wanda Sykes made during what passed for her performance 2009 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. A great deal of what she said seems to have offended at great number of people for a variety of reasons. Why? I can see very little point in being outraged by anything that came out of Sykes’ mouth that night.

Wanda Sykes – Just Monkeyshines

Folks, get over it; it’s just monkeyshines – i.e. a prank or a bit of humor – albeit crass and poorly thought-out humor. A Black dyke, possessed of uncertain comedic talent and a somewhat lackluster career, got up in front of a group of people largely composed of Liberals and did her particular version of the minstrel show for them. That her mouthings were little more than a verbal equivalent of “throwing poo” at anyone and everyone who disagreed with President Obama should have come as no surprise to anyone. Her agents “hired her out” to Obama and his Liberals for the night; of course her attempts at humor would be designed to curry their favor.

But damn! Her voice. It sounded like she had some of her lezzie lover’s pubes caught in her throat. You’d think she’d gargle or something before going on stage.

So don’t let Wanda Sykes’ monkeyshines bother you. Take them for they are and take Wanda Sykes for what she is. Does she or her opinions deserve the level of respect implied by people feeling outrage at anything she says? Please! That’s akin to being outraged by seeing animals breed at a zoo.

OK, seeing Sykes doing anything akin to breeding would cause my stomach outrage. Face it, despite some of her “jokes,” naked picture of her could really help the Abstinence Only programs!

NOTE: The above post is humor – in a similar vein to Sykes’ own attempt at such. Don’t take it too seriously since “it’s just humor” and is even categorized as such on this blog in order to provide context. 😉 So, it has to be OK, right? After all, there’s no reason for anyone to get upset by this sort of “humor,” now is there?

Of course this post wasn’t a perfect mockery of Wanda Sykes’ “unique” brand of humor. I chose not to say that I wish that Sykes, her “wife,” Alex, her daughter, Olivia Lou, or her son, Lucas Claude died of either horrible disease or violence. Sorry about that; I guess I’m just not as “funny” as she is.

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