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MSM Weather Reporting

Posted in Politics, Society on September 18th, 2018
MSM Weather Reporting
MSM Weather Reporting

This sums up MSM weather reporting quite well. No matter the weather, but especially if it’s storm, it’s “incontrovertible proof” of Global Warming. But then, Global Warming is a Leftist invention and the MSM have degenerated into nothing but Leftist propaganda outlets, so this is to be expected and given exactly the amount of credence its deserves.

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The Left’s Contronym

Posted in Politics, Society on September 16th, 2018
The Left's Contronym: Tolerance
The Left’s Contronym: Tolerance

A contronym is a word that with two opposite meanings. It is also known as an autantonym. The Left’s most glaring contronym is “tolerance.” It’s also why the #WalkAway movement among Leftist, i.e., Likely Democrat voters, is a thing at all.

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OK Not OK?

Posted in Politics, Society on September 16th, 2018
OK Not OK According To Snowflakes and Other White-Hating Filth
OK Not OK?

Obviously, the White-Hating Outrage Culture created by the Left is a bottomless pit. No matter how often an American thinks that they’ve finally reached their nadir, these Liberals and Progressives manage to sink further into the madness of oikophobia and anti-White racism.

Their latest paroxysm of hate and outrage was directed at member of the US Coast Guards’ Hurricane Florence response team who made the classic OK hand gesture while in the background of an MSNBC interview. And, of course, the OK hand gesture is a White Power signal or symbol (!?!).

But that’s the thing about Americans’ domestic enemies; they hate us and are devout in their belief that all Whites are racists.  Anything that can be concocted to “show evidence” of our evils is something that they will nigh on instantly believe, promulgate, and use a cause for attack. And context or the collateral damage their attacks cause, e.g., distracting disaster relief efforts, mean absolutely nothing to them.

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