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Cold Morning, Hot Coffee

Posted in Coffee & Tea on January 24th, 2016

Here in NYC we got a couple of feet of snow over the last day or so but the city seems to have weathered it well. I’ve got to admit though that looking out at all the snow shoveling that has be done now makes me turn straight to a hot mug or three of coffee first.

coffee morning babe
Cold Morning, Hot Coffee

Oh, and yes; the hottest and most invigorating cup of coffee on a cold Winter morning like today isn’t necessarily the one you’re drinking. A hot blonde babe like this could perk me – and my wives – right up in the morning, coffee or not. 😛

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Stay Warm Now

Posted in Coffee & Tea, Humor on January 23rd, 2016

Stay Warm
Stay Warm Now

If you’re on America’s Eastern Seaboard it’s a damn good day to dress warm, stay inside, and enjoy many hot mugs of your favorite beverage. 😉

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Hot Coffee

Posted in Coffee & Tea, Society on December 30th, 2015

Nothing starts the day off like or better than hot coffee. Some, like myself, can’t even function without our morning dose of caffeinated goodness.

Hot bikini baristas make an invigorating start of the day
Hot Coffee

I’ve got to say though that coffee this hot, i.e., made and served up by bikini or lingerie baristas, presents a problem. You have to first be caffeinated enough to go and enjoy it. 😛

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