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He Too Shall Rise

Posted in 2024 Elections, Humor, Politics, Religion on April 9th, 2023
He Too Shall Rise And Take His Proper Place
He Too Shall Rise

President trump, like the Messiah before him, will withstand the persecutions of those occupying power right now and betrayals and corruption of those falsely placed into authority. He too shall rise triumphant and ascend to His proper place in resplendence.

There shall be a new, greater Covenant, and we, the Chosen and the Faithful will make this land great again.

Glory be upon him! Glory be upon America! Glory be upon the True Born And Rightly Raised! MAGA ad eternum!

Please Standby & Stand Ready

Posted in 2020 Elections, 2024 Elections, Politics on January 25th, 2023
America Is Experiencing An Illegitimate President
Please Standby & Stand Ready
America Is Experiencing An Illegitimate President
Please Stand By & Stand Ready

This is the best and most evidence-based theory for what America is undergoing at this time. The Democrats and their Lamestream Media spent 5+ years trying to, first prevent and then remove, President Trump. This culminated in two reprehensible things: the strong likelihood that they rigged the 2020 Presidential Election, and the proven fact that they covered up the fact that classified documents were found to be improperly in Biden’s possession before the election.

So, my Fellow Americans, please stand by and stand ready to do what is needed to both correct this coup and to restore America to a greater and purer place. Jus ad bellum is, after all, the law under both Heaven and Earth.

#MAGA, The 2024 Return

Posted in 2024 Elections, Politics on November 19th, 2022

President Trump has recently officially began his campaign to be reelected as POTUS, thereby correcting for the Democrats’ coup and the installation of Creepy Uncle Joe Biden as President. And the Democrats are already scared and their media is already on the attack. That may not matter though.

#MAGA, The 2024 Return Of President Trump And The Restoration Of Our Nation
#MAGA, The 2024 Return Of Our Rightful POTUS

So, now we begin again to #MAGA; to repair the hateful damage our domestic enemies did in wake of their successful overthrowing of Americans’ duly elected POTUS, Donald Trump; to restore the economic might of our nation; and to rebirth America’s soul, now tormented and twisted by Liberals’ hate, bigotry, and oikophobia.

We Shall Repair, Restore, And Return America To Greatness

And, there will be joy; and, their will be beauty. But, as with birthing freedom in the first place, rebirthing it in the wake of extended, concerted efforts by Liberals, Progressives, and the other various sorts that support the Democrats, there will be pain and there will be – most likely only proverbially – blood. And yes! If and when President Trump is properly restored to office and power, be ready for there to be certain levels of reprisals against Democrats, their followers, and the sorts they pander to- and enable. Be not just ready for it; embrace it and take righteous joy in doing what and whatever is needful to ensure MAGA ad eternum.

Explaining Bidenflation

Posted in 2022 Elections, 2024 Elections, Politics on October 1st, 2022
Explaining Bidenflation
Explaining Bidenflation

Honestly, explaining Bidenflation is all too easy. It’s the cost of voting stupid on a lot of people’s part and the cost of not forbidding the Dems from installing a doddering, senile, pedophile in the White House. And, despite Biden and his overworked handlers trying to blame everyone and everything else, the staggering rise of inflation is mostly and primarily a result of disastrous leadership, and devastating tax-and-spend policies.

Deer For Hunters

Posted in 2022 Elections, 2024 Elections, Politics on September 27th, 2022
Deer For Hunters, Working People For Democrat
Deer For Hunters, Working People For Democrats

Funny, but true. Or, perhaps, funny because it’s true. Working people, especially Whites, supporting Democrats is a lot like deer supporting hunters.