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Islam’s Weathervane

Posted in Politics, Religion, Society on March 19th, 2015

The winds of time change and with them change the winds of societies and religions or, at least, the hearts and minds of the adherents to religions. When dealing with them, one needs to check the weathervane for their current conditions.

Jihadism is Islam's Weathervane
Jihadism Is Islam’s Weathervane

Well the winds of Islam are blowing strongly straight towards the barbarism and feral savagery they wallowed in during the first century of its unfortunate existence.

Yes, it’s quite true that we could look back many centuries and find a time when the Muslim World was arguably the center of philosophical and scientific thought, a time when Muslims should more humanity and tolerance than Christendom did, especially when it came to either free thought or the Jews. Likewise, it is equally true that, if one looks back many centuries, one can find a time when Christendom was horrifically intolerant and prone to persecuting people.

Yet both the golden age of Islam and the dark age of Christianity are long buried in annals of history. We, the living must deal with the winds of today and today the winds of Islam are ill winds indeed.

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Wearing The Green

Posted in 2016 Election, Religion, Society on March 17th, 2015


Stacey Poole Wearing The Green
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Britain’s ever-delightful and voluptuous Stacey Poole is showing us all that St. Patrick’s Day isn’t just an Irish holiday and that there’s a lot to be said in favor for rapprochement between the peoples of England and Ireland.

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Muslims’ Hearts & Minds

Posted in Humor, Politics, Religion on March 13th, 2015

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not truly against Obama’s and the Liberals’ desire to use various social means to stop the spread of- and mitigate the damage caused by the Islamists and the many Muslims who support the goals, either actively or through tacit agreement.

How You Win Their Hearts and Minds
How You Win Their Hearts and Minds

I’m a very firm and committed believer in targeting our Muslim enemies’ hearts and minds, both abroad and at home. ;-)

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