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Islam Means Peace

Posted in Humor, Politics, Religion, Society on January 23rd, 2015

Islam Means Peace
Islam Means Peace! It Really Does!

Both etymologically and in common practice “Islam” means “Peace” and, hence both the Muslims and their Dhimmis are correct in saying that Islam is the religion of peace. Of course, it’s the same, exact sort of peace that the “House Negroes” aka “House Niggers” achieved between themselves and their masters – the peace of uncontested slavery.

Neither the peace of Islam nor peace with Islam is anything that any freeman should ever accept.

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Relatively Offensive

Posted in Politics, Religion, Society on January 21st, 2015

Here in the Civilized World we’re repeatedly inundated by calls to not offend the Muslims, especially not to openly mock their cult or their cult’s prophet. This normally reoccurs whenever the Muslims respond to being offended with savage violence such as their Charlie Hebdo massacre.

Offended Muslims
Offended Muslims

Let us for a moment set aside the cowardly basis for these apologetics and calls for censorship and focus upon the core idea of the Muslims’ offense at such things. After all, the Dhimmis and Oikophobes who demand that we show respect for Islam and not mock the cult, its prophet, or adherents do have a point. Doing so greatly and dramatically offends the Muslims and goads a significant number of them to violence.

Consider This:

If the Muslims are that offended by such mockery that they have to resort to violence and/or lawfare to assuage their outrage, they have no business living in the Civilized World with its freedoms and pluralism. Simply and bluntly put, the Muslims are unfit for the West just as the West is unfit for the Muslims.

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Best Dressed

Posted in Religion on January 18th, 2015

c3b505ab96b347c100461446ea10fac5 Half-Dressed Is Best-Dressed
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Fashion is often a finicky thing, blowing in the winds, as it does, of both fickle fancy and the fight being adhering to past conventions and rebelling against them. There is, however, one constant that one can count upon; half-dressed is best-dressed. :-P

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