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AFDI Ads To Run In NYC

Posted in Politics, Religion, Society on September 22nd, 2014

As of today, Monday, September 22, 2014 – after a much longer than it should ever have been legal battle – Pamela Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) has been allowed to purchase and place advertisements on a hundred buses and at two subway entrances in NYC.

AFDI Anti-Jihad Advertisements

New York City’s Metro Transit Authority (MTA) has refused to allow purchase and run the ads, despite having earlier allowed pro-Hamas, anti-Semites to be displayed, due to these ads being deemed offensive to Muslims and their supporters and enablers in the city. It took a federal court order for them to end their censorship and abide by Pamela Geller’s group’s Gods-given 1st Amendment rights.

Two Ways To Look At The MTA’s Censorship

  1. NYC’s MTA is just pro-Jihadi and acts to protect Muslims and promulgate their cult through silencing whatever forms of dissent from the Muslims’ intended Caliphate that they have the capacity to silence.

    This is a possible, given their earlier support of Hamas, but not probable primary cause for the MTA to attempt to silence the AFDI

  2. NYC’s MTA was just scared, displaying an unfortunate but entirely reasonable and reasoned fear of the Muslims’ response to such ads being on buses and in subway stops.

    Given the violent nature of Muslim outrage and the long history of Muslims attacking buses and subways, this seems a more probable reason for the MTA’s behavior.

In any event, whether it was the forces of Dhimmitude or the ever-more-common Heckler’s Veto which was defeated, freedom has beaten tyranny in NYC…this time…for now.

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Do You See The Problem?

Posted in Politics, Religion, Society on September 11th, 2014

Muslim Insanity Problem
Do You See The Problem?

Despite the foolish apologetics of the Dhimmi Liberals and Progressives who side with Muslims against the Civilized World for two equally vile reasons, this is the truth. What is considered violently, dangerously, and criminally insane in the Civilized World is consider normal, right, and proper in the Muslim World.

Why Liberals and Progressives Side with Islam

  1. Muslims aren’t considered White and Liberals and Progressives believe that “Not White Must Be Right;”
  2. Muslims are considered to be Eastern and Liberals and Progressives adhere to the paradigm of “The Rest Against The West.”

Having seen the problem, we of the Civilized World must work towards a solution. Two pathways for solving the Muslim problem exist, which can be enacted in parallel. We can quarantine them so as to limit the damage they can cause to Mankind, and/or we can work against the more evil and dangerous Muslims while encouraging and fostering the good ones.

These same tactics should, out of necessity, also be used against Islam’s Liberal and Progressive enablers and supporters within the Civilized World.

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Why Shari’a Is So Wrong

Posted in Beer, Food & Drink, Humor, Religion, Society on August 31st, 2014

OK, as all of Mankind knows, there is no value to be found in the Muslims’ attempt at law, Shari’a. Let’s make it quite clear though as to why that is.

Why Shari'a Is So Wrong
Why Shari’a Is So Wrong

Bacon, beer, babes – the American trifecta of pleasure and greatness. :-P

As for any Muslims that may be offended by bacon, beer, and/or scantily-clad babes, let them keep silent about their feelings of being offended or be slaughtered like the vermin that they and their breed are.

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