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Holiday Trees

Posted in Humor, Religion, Society on December 25th, 2021
Holiday Trees
Holiday Trees

Since certain sorts are perennially butthurt over mentions of Christmas, here are some alternative holiday trees to consider for next year. 😉

Christmas' True Meaning

Posted in Humor, Religion, Society on December 24th, 2021
Christmas’ True Meaning

It’s actually kind of, sort of like that! The Christians’ winter holiday is celebrated using various traditions and trappings of a variety of other, earlier established religions, either directly or indirectly appropriated from them and their worshippers’ cultures. 😆 Even the date of Christmas was likely coopted in this fashion under the rule of Emporer Constantine in the 4th century AD.

And, you know what? Meh. Who cares? One, this sort of thing happens. Two, they lost their war over Christmas decades ago… to their own culture.

Hellish Labor Shortages

Posted in Humor, Politics, Religion on December 18th, 2021
Hellish Labor Shortages - It's Getting Bad
Hellish Labor Shortages – It’s Getting Bad

Apparently, the labor shortages and the Great Resignation are both worse and more widespread than first thought. Then again, it could just be the increase of deaths among Democrats and the sorts they pander to and enable are overwhelming Hell’s resources. 😉

How Silent Night Began

Posted in Humor, Religion on December 15th, 2021
How Silent Night Began
And That Is How Silent Night Began

And there is how “Silent Night” actually came into existence. 😉 Yep! It all started with a husband – and, a cuckold of literally Biblical proportions – muddling through having royally pissed off his very, very, very pregnant wife. 😆

A Victorious Diwali

Posted in Religion, Society on November 5th, 2021

So, this year’s Diwali has ended. Here’s to hoping that beauty has won and that this was a much-needed victorious Diwali. We bloody well need a light in the ongoing darkness.