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Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on October 8th, 2018
Cryptovictims - No Evidence Yet Some Believe
Cryptovictims – No Evidence Yet Some Believe

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#BelieveAllWomen 1889

Posted in Politics, Society on October 4th, 2018
#BelieveAllWomen 1889

Yeah, if we’re going to #BelieveAllWomen, we need to rethink how we consider and teach certain unpleasant parts of American people.  After all, those lynchings and the two massacres – Rosewood, FL and Tulsa, OK – that resulted from a Black male raping or trying to rape a White woman have to be taught in that context instead of the sole context of racism.

And yes, those Black males did rape or try to rape those White women. To believe anything else is to spit in the face of every female rape survivor in the world…as any of the vocal sorts of #MeToo will be sure to tell you at great length and with even greater vitriol. Remember, if accusation isn’t enough, you’re just a rape enabler.

So, if we’re going to believe them now and act upon those beliefs, we have to believe them then, and approach the lynching of Black rapists as merely an inappropriately extra-judicial response to these heinous crimes.

Yeah, think about that.

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When The Time Is Right

Posted in Humor, Society on October 2nd, 2018

When The Time Is Right
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I would say that, for those who are into the whole Pumpkin Spice thing, the time is right. So Hey! The spice must flow!

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