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#BlackLivesMatter Olympics

Posted in Humor, Society on September 23rd, 2016

Given the stupid, savage, and insurrectionist behavior of the Blacks whenever a police officer has to put a ghetto thug down, America should really consider making a sporting event of it – the #BlackLivesMatter Olympics. At least that way the Blacks’ actions would profit America.

Events at the #BlackLivesMatter Olympics
Events At The #BlackLivesMatter Olympics

Making it an athletic competition would, at least, provide – as a yet another handout – some meaning and purpose to these vermin’s antics. The Gods know we’ve made various industries out of capitalizing on people’s stupidity, so there’s no reason to do so with the Blacks’ stupidity.

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Flaunt It!

Posted in Society on September 21st, 2016

Whether You've Got It Or Not, Flaunt ItWhether You’ve Got It Or Not, Flaunt It!

Ladies, whether you’ve got it or not, flaunt it! Size doesn’t matter near as much as you’ve been tricked into believing. For that matter, most of what’s been hammered into your heads about beauty and sexiness doesn’t match the realities on the ground.

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Teaching Their Daughters

Posted in 2016 Election, Ethics & Morality, Society on September 19th, 2016

Feminists Teaching Their Daughters Feminists Teaching Their Daughters

By not only utterly ignoring Hillary’s longstanding history of corruption and scandal, but actually lauding her as someone they can hold up as a positive lesson and role model for their daughters, Feminist are teaching those daughters the truth of Feminism – that nothing is wrong and nothing matters except the vagina.

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