Gender Sanity


Gender Sanity – The Gender Spectrum Explained
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Amid all the insanity, depravity, and gross stupidity surrounding “gender,” here’s a small but needed dose of sanity. A person is either male or female or there’s something grossly wrong with them, most likely a severe mental disorder of one form or another.

Now, it is true that a very tiny number of people statistically are born with some form pseudo-hermaphroditism. These people – to further gender craziness – are now called “intersex” because using “hermaphrodite” to refer to “intersex individuals” is apparently considered to be stigmatizing and misleading, as is considering their condition a pathology…even though it is and can be a life threatening one.

The truth is the truth and all the political correctness and misguided “social justice” in the world won’t change that. You are either male or you are female or there is something wrong with you.

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2 Responses to “Gender Sanity”

  1. Alfie Says:

    I like it! I might be inclined in certain circumstances to soften the blow but all in all this captures as you stated a truth is the truth.

  2. jonolan Says:

    In times past, before the insanity became a danger to others, I too was normally inclined to take a softer tone. Now, however, I’m not so inclined – especially since a growing number of “trannies” don’t suffer from anything except a twisted variation of Munchausen Syndrome.

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