Hit The Road, Barack!

America needs a new President
Hit The Road, Barack!

Too little, far too late and pointless beyond symbolism but, given that Obama and the Liberals’ and Progressives’ chosen replacement for him, Hillary are also largely pointless beyond symbolism, a very well-done cover from Newsweek.

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Move Along, People

Just another filthy ragheadMove Along, People! Nothing To See Here

The above cartoon aptly sums up Obama’s role within the cult of Islam. He is their security guard and gatekeeper within America, always prepared to serve and protect them from just reprisal.

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Barack Holmes

Barack HolmesJust As I Thought: The Gun Is The Murderer

Yep! A new television series in which Barack Obama Holmes uses reductive reasoning – the removal of a fact and observations that contradict a finding – to determine that any crime was caused by firearms.

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