Fundamental Transformation

Posted in Humor, Politics on August 31st, 2014

Obama's Fundamental Transformation
Fundamental Transformation

Hey! Never let it be said that, despite the boy’s pathological mendacity, Obama hasn’t upheld any of his campaign promises. Claiming such is totally ignoring a more nuanced reality. Obama has, in sad fact, upheld his promise to his cultists to fundamentally transform America.

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Obama’s Third Term

Posted in Humor, Politics on August 26th, 2014

I support a third term for Obama
I Support A Third Term For Obama – 25 To Life

Yes, a third term of 25-to-life in a federal Supermax prison for Obama and Moochelle sounds acceptable. Hanged by the neck until dead would be better but 25-to-life would do the job that America needs done almost as well and with less headaches.

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Understanding Ferguson

Posted in 2014 Election, Politics on August 21st, 2014

Understanding the race riots in Ferguson, MO is really easy. Even the shit show surrounding it is easy to understand.

Ferguson - August and November
Ferguson – August and November

At the street level it’s very simple. Blacks have a tendency when concentrated together past a certain demographic point to engage in racial protests, rioting, looting, and general (un)civil unrest whenever they feel that one of their number has been harmed by a White, especially a White law enforcement officer. Such behavior is endemic to the culture of the “Black Community” and Americans are apparently supposed to excuse it due to there having been perceived to be a long history of white cops killing supposedly innocent black people and that this isn’t something Blacks can easily “get over.”

The Obama Regime’s injection of itself into a local matter is also very simple. Without ACORN, they have to use other means to “Get Out The Vote” among this key Democrat demographic. ;-)

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