Part-Timing It

Posted in Humor, Politics on December 18th, 2014

Full times goes in and part times come out
The Obama Jobs Machine In Action

Is anyone even the least bit shocked that the Part-Time POTUS has created part-times jobs, where and when his policies and use of the “bully pulpit” have created jobs at all?

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Whose Mess Is It?

Posted in 2016 Election, Humor, Politics on December 17th, 2014

There’s little point in denying that American politics is a mess and is, more often than not, about various messes. Indeed, a large part of the rhetoric flowing from the maws of politicians, especially those of Liberal bent, can be boiled down to attempting to pin down the blame for whatever mess is the currently popularized one.

Boombox - Whose Mess
Whose Mess Is It?

Of course, if Hillary Clinton manages to secure her installment into the White House as POTUS, she would, as Mr. Dixon so poetically predicts, continue blaming President Bush Jr. for the mess rather than Obama. Such blamecasting would be even prolific if Obama’s seeming preference, the Waba Squaw, Elizabeth Warren gained the Presidency.

Mr. Dixon is also completely right in his prediction that any mess in existence will be the current POTUS’ mess the moment – hopefully for America as a result of 2016 elections – a Republican president takes office. Both the GOP’s disdain for blaming past leaders and the lamestream media’s antipathy for the GOP will ensure that.

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Burn This Bitch Down

Posted in Politics, Society on December 7th, 2014

There’s little to say in favor of Louis Head, Michael Brown’s “stepfather” who helped incite the riots, looting, and burning of Ferguson, MO in the wake of Officer Darren Wilson not be indicted by the grand jury. There’s little to say in the buck’s favor but not nothing. His screaming, “Burn this bitch down!” may well be an important teaching moment.

Obama:  Burn This Bitch Down!
Obama to America: Burn This Bitch Down!

Louis Head’s screaming of, “Burn this bitch down!” may explain the entirety of the Obama presidency better than anything else has ever explained it.

Head didn’t get the result that he wanted and his response, typical of a Black who’d been balked by America, was to get angry.  Obama as well didn’t get the result that he wanted and his response, typical of a Black who’d been balked by America, was to get angry.  They may be at opposite ends of the spectrum of violence and immediacy of reaction but the underlying feelings and responses to stimuli are the same.

Seen in the light of the “teaching moment” that Louis Head provided America, Obama’s foreign, economic, and domestic policy decisions and positions make sense now, where once they didn’t.

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