A Dark, Hateful Truth

Liberals and Progressives, almost all of whom happen to be White, seem to hold a deep love for the Blacks that they enable and pander to. This is, however, an one-sided and utterly unrequited love. The dark and hateful truth is that the Blacks hate those White Liberals and Progressives nigh on as much as they hate the average White American.

No matter how much liberals try to remove themselves from the burden of racism, white supremacist ideology – which governs all systems in America – holds them just as guilty to its effects. Like Pilate, their hands are still full of so much blood; though they may not directly offer up communities of color and indigenous communities to be discriminated against and oppressed, colorblind policies do very little to stop the mass annihilation of a deeply marginalized people.

Appearances can be deceiving. Sure, liberals may be down for the cause, march in our marches, go through the anti-racism trainings, attend conferences on social justice and reconciliation, advocate for equal pay and living wages, press for an end to mass incarceration and police brutality, and even quote the thought leaders of our present day movements – so long as the freedoms of others do not threaten their own, they are there. But the moment, the moment, when the freedoms and power of people of color and indigenous folks appear to threaten their own sense of ownership, pride, and identity, they function just as criminal as the conservative other.

Ebony Johanna

The funny thing is that it’s doubtful that the Liberals and Progressives would be too offended to find out how the Blacks really think of them. Liberals’ and Progressives’ views of Blacks is odd and rather pernicious mix of paternalism ala “The White Man’s Burden” and ethno-guiltism. Hence, they both expect no better from the Blacks and derive some sort pleasure from the Blacks’ hatred, it feeding their pathological need for punishment.

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White Male Privilege?

In America these days we’re forced to hear a lot about privilege, especially “White Privilege” and to a somewhat lesser degree “Male Privilege.” And, of course, the upshot of this is that America’s domestic enemies promulgate the meme that the White Male is the source of everyone else’s woes.

You’ve got to love it almost as much as you love the truth of your White and/or Male privilege.

I Love My White Male Privilege

Yes, sad and frustrating to say, that is essentially the truth. Oh sure, one can argue the specifics of his claims – one can always argue the specifics of such claims, elsewise the clerisy would run out of grant requests – but in this case the devil isn’t in the detail, the devil’s in the situation as a whole.

So yes, my gentle readers, both racism and sexism are alive and well in America. They’re both also institutional if one can describe current culture and the laws and political rhetoric as an institution. It’s just that the racism, when correctly defined, is now aimed at Whites and the sexism is aimed at men. Hence, woe betide the “privileged” White Man.

Nor is this new. The shift in racism and sexism began generations ago in the early 1960s and has continued its degenerative path until this day. Indeed, the entire basis of “privilege” is nothing but a means to marginalized and silence anyone who speaks out against the ant-White racism and misandrist sexism of today. Once can not inaccurately call “Privilege” the new “Uppity.”

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A Dash Of American Truth

A beautiful American who happens to be BlackRecently, in response to the pathetic outrage of the “Black Community” over the lack of Black Oscar nominees, Stacy Dash once again spoke truth to what passes for power among the Blacks within America’s borders. And, of course, once again the drums are beating and both the Blacks and their White Liberal enablers are attacking and vilifying Ms. Dash for voicing a truth that is contrary to the orthodoxy of Black Identity, steeped as it in special protections and victimhood.

It was a quite simple truth that Ms. Dash spoke as well:

We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration, and if we don’t want segregation, then we have to get rid of channels like BET and the BET Awards and the Image Awards, where you’re only awarded if you’re black.

If it were the other way around, we’d be up in arms. It’s a double standard. There shouldn’t be a black history month. We’re Americans, period.

— Stacy Dash

Of course, it was the stark simplicity of Ms. Dash’s statement that, more than anything else, fired up the ever-angry and ever-aggrieved “Black Community.” It presented them with a clear and unassailable by logic choice: segregation or assimilation; being Black or being American. This is not something that they can tolerate because their culture’s very identity is based upon not making that choice but, instead, demanding to have it both ways.

Essentially, in my opinion, the Blacks want to be segregated in that they want to behave however they wish to behave, irrespective of whether or not it fits in with the normative values and mores of American society yet, at the same time, they never want those behaviors to in any way negatively impact their personal or communal outcomes, hence integration.

And before any fool claims that I can’t speak of Blacks as if they’re monolithic in outlook, any Black – as Ms. Dash has proven – that doesn’t adhere to their orthodoxy is declared “Not Black Enough.”

Thus, I can speak so.  It is, after all, by the “Black Community’s” own tacit admission a matter of culture and ideology, not genetics.

It’s a simple American truth, you are or become a part of us or you don’t. We don’t easily accept any middle ground when it comes to assimilation. This is a truth that the “Black Community” both fears and hates. Hence, they will attack any Black, such as Stacy Dash, that openly accepts this truth and speaks it aloud. Indeed, they have an entire well-established lexicon of epithets for such apostates.

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