An Other’s Viewpoint

Posted in Society on May 13th, 2015

Sometimes it good to get an outsider’s view of an issue. In this case the outsider is a Korean immigrant and the issue is what is euphemistically labeled “race relations” in America.

The greater majority will always dominate the current concerns of society. Blacks and whites have dominated American culture and history since it was founded and they still consider themselves the most important races here. The reason why there will never be racial unity is because there can never be enough “generations” to gap the feelings of hate a culture that was formerly slaves will feel for the race that was formerly their master. Until some outside force comes that is powerful enough to force us all to unite and see past our past there can never be an end to racism. Since Blacks and Whites have dominated this country’s culture, as I previously stated, their racial feud dominates this culture. It is this culture.

— Jason Cushman aka Opinionated Man
“Racism in America – The ‘Others'”

By and large I believe Mr. Cushman has the right of things, which is often the case when a person only tangentially involved in an issue speaks his or her mind about it.

“Race” in America is Black and White, with the others being largely ignored and irrelevant except when certain, specific issues are raised, e.g., Hispanics and Illegal Immigration.

I believe that Mr. Cusham is also likely and sadly correct in believing that there will never be an end to the Race Question because, insofar as the “Black Community” is concerned there can never be enough “generations” to gap the feelings of hate they feel towards Whites and the nation and culture they built in America. Their “legacy of slavery” dogma is both too entrenched and too convenient of an excuse for their endemic and systemic failings to be cast aside.

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In All Fairness: UBOC

Posted in Humor, Society on April 18th, 2015

In an a small effort at “fairness” and “equality,” here’s a gallery featuring UBOC – Underboobs Of Color. As you can plainly see, there’s some good things about “social justice.”

In All Fairness: UBOC

And really! Black, Blatina, and Latina babes have historically gotten the short end of the stick when it came to perceived beauty, which has sorely constrained their options in life. Hence, Reflections From A Murky Pond is providing them with a little special treatment, a hand up if you will.

Now, before anyone comments upon it, there’s no Asian babes’ underboobs in the gallery. This is because Asian aren’t “Of Color” or even “minorities” according to the Blacks, Blatinos, and Latinos – Brown People – and the Liberals and Progressives that equally pander to- and exploit. Therefor, I didn’t include any so as to avoid being Politically Incorrect.

So enjoy these UBOCs! All else being equal, consider choosing them. 😉

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Bros Before Hoes

Posted in 2016 Election, Politics on April 13th, 2015

So, after so many months of coyly refusing to state that she’s was going to run for POTUS in 2016, Hillary Clinton finally decided to officially announce her candidacy.

It’s apparently a case of “bros before hoes,” a phrase that once meant you didn’t abandon or betray your friends for your girlfriend but, during the 2008 Democrat primaries became that Blacks come before White women.

Sadly, when dealing the possibility of Hillary following Obama into the White House, it’s a case of a bro before a hoe but both coming before- and hastening the collapse of America.

Hillary Clinton became an iconic figure by feeding the media and the Left the kind of rhetoric they love. Barack Obama did the same and became president. Neither had any concrete accomplishments beforehand besides rhetoric, and both have had the opposite of accomplishments after taking office.

They have something else in common. They attract the votes of those people who vote for demographic symbolism — “the first black president” to be followed by “the first woman president” — and neither is to be criticized, lest you be denounced for racism or sexism.

It is staggering that there are sane adults who can vote for someone to be president of the United States as if they are in school, just voting for “most popular boy” or “most popular girl” — or, worse yet, voting for someone who will give them free stuff.

Thomas Sowell
The National Review (March 24, 2015)

This is what the American electorate, thanks to the warm body franchise, has devolved and degenerated into – “People” who decry racism but vote for a candidate solely because of his race to be followed by those who decry sexism but will vote for candidate solely because she has a vagina.

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