Why We’re Angry

Liberals choose to act as if they don’t understand why Americans are angry over many of the hand-outs provided by the federal government. They prefer instead to describe it as malice against the “poor.”

Foodstamp Misuse
It Is No Wonder That Many Are Angry

Few and lessening restrictions upon who can get food stamps aka EBT combined with almost no practical restrictions upon what they can be spent upon make this particular program a source of great unrest among Americans.

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6 Responses to “Why We’re Angry”

  1. cmblake6 Says:

    Indeed. WTF do they think they’re doing, eh? And they wonder why.

  2. prustage Says:

    America is absolutely right to be angry. How dare poor people be allowed to eat lobster and steak! The money should have been given to a rich person who is entitled to eat these luxury foods because that is what they are used to. Meanwhile, as for the poor, let them eat cake!

  3. jonolan Says:

    The opinion of a prole in Britain’s welfare state isn’t going to carry a lot of wait in this matter with Americans, except to possibly remind them of what we’re striving not to turn into, prustage.

  4. Alan Scott Says:

    I’m looking at the 24 pack of diet MT Dew . I use to drink regular Mt. Dew. That stuff will kill you . I actually think the food Nazis on the left would be more upset with the soda, than the Lobsters or the steaks .

    Back in the day when you went on relief, that’s the proper name, you were happy to get 100 pound bags of potatoes, beans, rice, and big boxes of yellow cheese. That’s worse than waterboarding today .

  5. Paradigm Says:

    I believe in the wellfare state but there has to be limits. Prustage – do you think the poor should be given their own mansions as well?

  6. jonolan Says:


    I don’t begrudge anyone decent food, but the EBT system has been expaned to include “hipsters” and “slackers,” even single ones. They’re using them as places like Whole Foods and such for a variety of things that prove that they don’t think that they need this relief in order to eat.

    You’re probably right about the Mountain Dew too. HFCS and Sugar! OMG!!!


    I wouldn’t bother engaging Prustage; he or she is probably just a drive-by Socialist ranter – not the sort to do more than drop of a bit of vitriol and move on. Of course, I’m not going to complain about that.

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