Biden's Anti-MAGA Rant

Biden's Anti-MAGA Rant (Disambiguation)
Biden’s Anti-MAGA Rant (Disambiguation)

Yeah, the Dodderer in Chief, Creepy Uncle Joe Biden rants fairly often about us Americans, deriding us as dangerous extremists. His handlers and nursemaids have even double-downed on weaponizing the DOJ against us. To be fair though, they’ve left themselves little choice in this at this point.

And yet, all we really want is for the government to stop infringing upon our Divinely granted rights, an economy that isn’t being taken apart piecemeal to further destructive ideologies, to protect our children – and even the children of our sworn domestic enemies, and not getting us involved in unneeded foreign wars, especially ones that could easily lead to WW3.

But, Biden and Co., quite rightly given their agendas and loyalties, feel that those positions are existential threats to everything that they stand for against America and her People.

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