Trí Mná Ceilteacha Álainn

Posted in Society on September 1st, 2014

There are reasons why my ancestors struck terror into the hearts of the other peoples we encountered and it wasn’t just the fact that we were ferocious in war…and had an almost unseemly fondness for it.

Three Beautiful Celtic Women
Trí Mná Ceilteacha Álainn

No our womenfolk, such as the three beautiful Celtic women above, struck at least as much terror into the hearts of others since they’ve been luring foreign men beyond The Pale (An Pháil), as it were, for millennia, and few of those men so lured ever desired to return home. ;-)

Mura féidir leat a chur ar a gcuid tailte , a chur ar a gcroí!

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Nigh On Perfect

Posted in Society on September 1st, 2014

Noemi Olah
Noemi Olah – Nigh On Perfect

It is my opinion that Hungarian-born Noemi Olah was, at this point in her life and career, nigh on perfect in form. Her body the perfect synergy of hard and soft, performance and comfort, and power and luxury.

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Why Shari’a Is So Wrong

Posted in Beer, Food & Drink, Humor, Religion, Society on August 31st, 2014

OK, as all of Mankind knows, there is no value to be found in the Muslims’ attempt at law, Shari’a. Let’s make it quite clear though as to why that is.

Why Shari'a Is So Wrong
Why Shari’a Is So Wrong

Bacon, beer, babes – the American trifecta of pleasure and greatness. :-P

As for any Muslims that may be offended by bacon, beer, and/or scantily-clad babes, let them keep silent about their feelings of being offended or be slaughtered like the vermin that they and their breed are.

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