Recapping Black History

Black History – A History Of Beauty

Since this is the end of Black History Month in America, hereโ€™s 27 fine reminders that Black History has always, despite the claims of some agitators, always been a history of the darker side of hotness. Despite various claims to contrary by certain sorts of agitators, Black women have always enjoyed – sometimes endured – the attentions of men in America of all races. It is only in the rarefied world of fashion that they are largely deprecated.

Hellfire! Despite claims to contrary, it common enough that the “Black Community” has some strong issues with it, especially their males, who have a huge problem with Black women dating Whites.

A more in-depth and NSFW review can be found here.

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Tasty Tide Pod


That’s A Tasty Tide Pod
(Click to Enlarge}

And here’s a truly tasty Tide Pod for enjoyment, albeit in vein of the infectiously beautiful Ebola-Chan. In the manner of a PSA, however, let me state that the above is likely the only tasty Tide Pod. Other sorts weren’t meant for consumption. ๐Ÿ™„

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It’s Boxing Day!

It’s Boxing Day!

It’s Boxing Day, a holiday traditionally celebrated on the 1st week-day after Christmas in nations that are part of the UK and/or heavily influenced by the British Empire. One, fun Victorian tradition – harkening back to Rome’s Saturnalia celebrations – back was the masters / mistresses and their servants doing a role-reversal for the day.

In other words, these beautiful maids are to be serviced, not to serve upon this day of the year. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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