Obama On Obama

Posted in Humor, Politics on July 23rd, 2014

Obama POS
Obama On Obama

One thing you have to give Obama – he’s not one to let little things or people’s opinions interfere with his self-image. ;-)

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The Modern Housewife

Posted in Humor, Society on July 23rd, 2014

A lot of people will want you to believe that, when it comes to maintaining the family home and home life, things are very, very different from how they were in the 1950s. This is, by and large, a falsehood. The basic rules of “housewifery” have not changed in the least.

True, the intervening decades and shifts in what is and isn’t tolerable behavior have changed the methodologies by which a housewife can achieve her goals…

The Modern Housewife

Ok, Gentlemen; I know that, while a lot of you are laughing right, in the back your minds you’re saying, “Oh Hell no! There’s no way that my wife will ever being doing that!” I think that perhaps – just perhaps – you need to take a breath and really think about this again.

  • Firstly, all those chores that she does to make your house a home you want to come to at the end of the day got done.
  • Secondly, rather than spending money on getting the chores done, the Domme wife made money getting them done. As the average rate she would make is between $100 – $150 / hr, this is a significant boost to your family’s income.
  • Thirdly, rather than risking feeling lessened or subservient for being the housewife, this allows her to actually feel confident and empowered through being one.

And don’t worry about, in this day of dual-income households, of being asked what your wife does for a living. You can just smile and say that she’s a “personal trainer.” :lol:

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An American Holiday

Posted in Humor, Religion, Society on July 6th, 2014

Obviously, Independence Day, celebrated annually on the 4th of July, is an uniquely American holiday. How could it be otherwise when it celebrates our declaration of independence from the tyranny of the British Crown?

Holly - Independence DayIndependence Day – An American Holiday

Of course, it’s a bit more of a truly American holiday – dare I say Holy Day? – in some families than in others. ;-) I can only hope you had half as good of a 4th of July weekend as her husband did…

Remember to be of good cheer. Do not bitterly cling to your guns and God(s). Use the former to make a joyous noise unto the latter.

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