Pokemon Go Bugged?

She can't find them but we canWhere Are The Jigglypuffs?

Hmmm…Is Pokemon Go bugged? Why can she not find those two jigglypuffs when the rest of us can?

😆 That’s the problem with Pokemon Go; it sometimes causes players to ignore both the obvious and their surroundings.

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White House Vandalism

White House VandalWhite House Vandalism

True, insofar as we’ve been allowed to know, there’s no indication that Barack Obama has “tagged” the White House in any way. The closest we have is his and Moochele’s darkening of it public artwork, something that they have every right to do even though it flies in the face of established tradition.

Yet, at the same time, his constant hateful, race-baiting and pro Black Insurrectionist rhetoric has done much to paint the White House in a manner that might as well be called vandalism. Never has anyone filling the role of POTUS injected their own hate and envy filled views into so many situations, both large and small. No resident of the White House has so fouled its hallowed halls.

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Apologies, Mr. President

Nixon: Now That Bitch Is a CriminalApologies, Mr. President

Yeah, given what President Nixon did as compared to what Hillary Clinton has done and given the disparity of responses to those respective crimes, America – especially each and every Democrat – owes President Nixon a much belated and posthumous apology.

But then, we’ve nobody to blame but ourselves. The difference in response is because of the long and sorted history of the Patriarchy and our sexist and misogynist culture which expects so much less from- and make so many more excuses for the little women. 😉

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