Modern Economics

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on September 17th, 2014

While Obama’s legacy will be both limited and unflattering, the boy has been significant in some ways. Obama’s installation as POTUS in 2008 ushered in a new, modern school of economics…

Chimp Relaxing - Waiting on EBT and his new Obama Phone
Modern School of Economics

Apparently, in a total departure from all previous Western schools of economic though, this modern, Obama-inspired set of economic theories is predicated upon completely separating remunerations from labor effort or worth. This is a new and significant economic idea and one that Obama and the Congressional Democrats should be given full credit- and remembered for.

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Television vs. Reality

Posted in Humor, Politics on September 13th, 2014

Mayberry vs. Dingleberry
Television vs. Reality aka Mayberry vs. Dingleberry

The truly sad part is that the dingleberry which is leaving skid marks all over the White House and America at large wouldn’t even be funny on a television show.

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Riddle Me This

Posted in Humor, Politics on September 11th, 2014

Whine Cellar
What Do You Call A Basement Full Of Liberals?

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