Democrats’ Circus

Democrats' Circus
Democrats’ Circus

Honestly, Branco’s a little off on this one. The Democrats aren’t puppetmasters and the sorts that they pander to and enable – when they’re not slavishly kowtowing to them – are far closer to sideshow freaks than circus performers.

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Squint! It’s Utopia

Squint! It's Utopia - You Just Have To Look Past Some Stuff like anarchy, riots, crime, and total chaos
Squint! It’s Utopia – You Just Have To Look Past Some Stuff

Sure, it’d seem like a utopia ,,, if you tipped your head and squinted or wore blinders so that you didn’t see all the chaos, crime, and race riots. A nation with little or no law enforcement isn’t a nation anymore; it’s just a dystopian anarchy with no real future, which may be what the Left and their Blacks want.

One thing though – while the cartoon describes the whole #DefundThePolice movement as a Far Left political position, it’s now the mainstream position of the Democrats.

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Grading Their Worth

Grading Their Worth
Grading Their Worth

By all normative American standards, if we were to grade the worth of the Democrats – and I do mean they’re worth as persons, not just their job performance – we would have to give them all an “F.” They have repeatedly and utterly failed to prove that they have any worth at all.

Honestly, were it not for the fact that their inherent right to their lives is Constitutionally enumerated and not predicated on worthiness or on having earned it, we’d be well-served by accepting that they’re Lebensunwertes Leben and acting accordingly.

Then, that’s part of difference between Americans and Democrats. Americans know that the Constitution is, depending upon one’s theology, either Divine Law or Natural, and must be abided by and obeyed even when the immediate result has some negative consequences and trails. It’d be the rankest of hypocrisy for Americans to act against the Democrats in a manner that is fundamental to the Democrats’ lack of worth in the first place.

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What’s Next?

What's Next? The #CancelWhitePeople Sorts Have No Limits
What’s Next? The #CancelWhitePeople Sorts Have No Limits

With the Blacks and their “White,” Liberal and Progressive enablers’ ongoing war upon all parts of our nation’s history in their attempt to unmake America and destroy our heritage, this is a sadly fair question. No monument seems to be off-limits to them.

How long until one of them flies a plane into the Statue of Liberty?

Really? How long until they up their game to that level of terrorism? They’re already violently rebelling against America and they’re already committing acts of destruction across the nation. It wouldn’t be a big step for them at all.

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Unite Or Divide

Unite Or Divide
Unite Or Divide

It’s truly quite simple, yet it seems so hard for some to understand. One can say and do what unites the country or one can say or do what divides it. It’s not a hard concept, but it seems to many that it’s not one certain sorts can or will understand.

But It’s Us Who Are Wrong-Headed In This

What we, the People of the US fail to understand is this is a matter of ethnicity. The Liberals, Progressives, Leftists, Democrats, and their political sharecroppers are doing is an attempt to unite their nation. Their singular hope to bring their nation into existence upon the ravaged corpse of America to unite their people in hatred of all that America stands for and all that Americans love.

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