A Box Full Of Kittens

A Box Full Of Kittens
The Wonder Of A Box Full Of Kittens

Sometimes, what each of needs is a box full of kittens. In my case and at this exact time, however, the box full of kittens I’m providing is a Dropbox full of Nekomusume aka Catgirls.

Yeah, too many projects going on at the same time and my Dropbox is full for the moment and still have to work with more files. Hence, giving up to the internet a bunch of seriously cute kittens. 😆

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Goth Girlfriends Then & Now

Goth Girlfriends Then & Now
Goth Girlfriends Then & Now

Times change, morality changes, all things follow the entropic curve, save those which we defend with all we have. And this is most true of goth girlfriends and our relationships with them. 👿

A Goth Girlfriend Then (4th Century AD)

Oh yeah! In the 4th Century AD the Lord would have certainly forsaken any Roman man with a Goth – Visigoth in this case – girlfriend. And having one was kinky, actually very taboo, in and of itself, especially since marriage between him and her would be a crime punishable by death (Soraci, 1964) after 371 AD.

Goth Girlfriends Now

These days, both Goth girls and what is and isn’t kinky are a lot different than back in the days of the twilight of the Roman Empire. Still, that doesn’t in any way mean you should be confident that you haven’t given the Lord just cause to forsake you.

Disclaimer & Advice: My somewhat out of date but not inconsequential experience with Goth girls lends a fair amount of evidence and weight to the hypothesis that they’re not significantly more kinky during sex than most other women. Hence, depending upon what you’re looking for and to what extent your projecting your own fetishes, you might be disappointed. 😉

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Bikini Interlude 48

Bikini Interlude – Doublekinis

Yay! After a year-and-half hiatus due to both technical and motivational issues, Bikini Interludes are back. So, to celebrate and get ahead of the game, this interlude features Doublekinis, i.e., two girls, two bikinis, twice the beautiful fun.

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2B Or Not 2B?

2B Or Not 2B? The Dumbest Question Ever!

Whether in the context of cosplay or not, 2B or not 2B is quite possibly the dumbest question ever. And, if it’s not actually the dumbest, it’s still down there near the nadir of queries. 😉

If given the option, you always choose YoRHa No.2 Type B aka 2B.

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El Festival Más Caliente

Cinco de Mayo – El Festival Más Caliente

Ah yes! Once again it’s Cinco de Mayo, possible the hottest holiday ever created. Sadly, it may also be called el festival más racista jamás creado por Norteamérica, since it’s largely an American invention and is filled with some piss-poor stereotypes and tropes.

Hence, I’s rather use the day to celebrate the beauty of Latinas than to dress inappropriately and swill tequila, especially the cheap, nasty stuff that will be the unfortunate norm.

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