Even Safer Sex

Gentlemen, as I’ve counseled before, we’ve seen the mobs of #MeToo and we’ve learned what they think and want. And, we should know that it’s past time for us to start practicing safer sex and making sure that our sons learn to do so as well.

Even Safer Sex

I’ve pointed out that almost every one of the #MeToo sorts and the vast majority of the #PussyHat brigade are White womyn, and I have suggested we men avoid them when it comes to sex, dating, and reproduction in favor of a safer sexual alternative in the form of Black women and teach our sons to do the same.

But, Black women, as fine as so many are and as much as they are a safer alternative to White womyn, aren’t completely safe. Just look to Tawana Brawley, Anita Hill, and Crystal Mangum as examples that there’s still risk for men associated with them.

An even safer – and no less delightful – sexual choice is Desi Women, those oft-times dusky lovelies of the Indian subcontinent and their peoples’ diaspora. And, not only are they “under-represented” among the ranks of the toxic Feminists, these beautiful women are the daughter-heirs of the Kama Sutra and Tantra; how wrong could man go? 😉

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Happy Halloween!

Have A Happy Halloween!

Here’s hoping and wishing that you all have a happy and safe Halloween this year. Here’s also hoping that there’s plenty of beautiful and beautifully costumed babes around for you.

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Bikini Interlude 30

Bikini Interlude – First Of Fall Edition

Just because it’s Fall and probably time to break out the sweaters doesn’t mean it’s not still an appropriate season for bikinis. And besides, it’s Spring now in the Southern Hemisphere.

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