Early Fall Thigh-Highs

Early Fall Thigh-Highs

As it’s very early Fall in the Northern Hemisphere and very early Spring in the Southern, here’s a gallery of beautiful women in high, warm socks – and not necessarily all that much else.

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Combating PETA

Gonna Eat It... With Some Old Bay, For The Sake Of Combating PETA
Gonna Eat It… With Some Old Bay

I recently posted about how well Maryland and Old Bay trolled PETA over their anti-crabbing billboards. I’ve decided, however, to take it a bit farther by combating PETA with beauty, real beauty and not the overly slutified celebrities they use to get attention.

Combating PETA With Real Beauty

That’s right! Real beautiful women with real crabs destined for the dinner table. I’m guessing that shuts down and trumps anything that PETA’s got.

NOTE: Because I’m originally from Florida, I’ve include Stone Crabs alongside Maryland’s Jimmies and Sooks.

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Bikini Interlude 68

Bikini Interlude – End Of Season Edition

Just an end of Summer and, hence, traditionally the end of Bikini Season interlude. No worries though, there’ll be Bikini Interludes throughout the year. After all, babes and bikinis are two of the good things about globalism. 😉

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Mitigating the Border Crisis

We have a serious and very long-running border crisis at the southern edge of America. It’s a problem that no Administration has been able to – in the case of the Dems, willing to – do anything about. And this is despite 57 year recorded history of Americans not generally being in favor of immigrants at all, much less the situation we have had for the past 16 – 20 years. But all that doesn’t mean we should make efforts at mitigating the border crisis.

Mitigating the Border Crisis

And yes, I think that our mitigation efforts should be centered on their women. After all, even Democrats favor – or, at least, use – the plight of women at our border to badger us into letting just anyone in. I’ve said before and still maintain that walls are needed but those walls need gates.

So, my fellow Americans – and by that I specifically mean My Fellow White Men – we need to be ready and willing to do the right thing and help these Latinas find a place in America. And, Gentlemen, make sure that our mitigating the border crisis is a long-term solution, not just a quick fix. 😉

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Modern Delivery Culture

Modern Delivery Culture Has Its Upsides
Modern Delivery Culture Has Its Upsides

People were already lazy. They already were preferring to shop online and just have as much of what they needed and/or wanted delivered to their door. The coronavirus panicdemic and the Dems’ lock-downs just exacerbated this and fixed it into our culture. Still though, like COVID-19 itself, modern delivery culture has it’s upsides.

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