Fall’s Not All Sweaters

Fall’s Not All Sweaters. It’s Also High, Warm Socks

Despite popular opinion – though that opinion makes perfect sense – Fall’s not all sweaters. Sure, it’s sweater weather, but Fall’s also about one of my favorite bits of fashion – thigh-high, warm socks. They’re not just for Christmas, you know. 😉

Indeed, if she’s got the right socks, she might not need that much else, which can only be a good thing for us.

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Happy Halloween!

Have A Happy Halloween!

Here’s hoping and wishing that you all have a happy and safe Halloween this year. Here’s also hoping that there’s plenty of beautiful and beautifully costumed babes around for you.

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Bikini Interlude 30

Bikini Interlude – First Of Fall Edition

Just because it’s Fall and probably time to break out the sweaters doesn’t mean it’s not still an appropriate season for bikinis. And besides, it’s Spring now in the Southern Hemisphere.

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