We’re Stronger Together

On of Hillary’s more recent attempts at a campaign slogan and apparently a book is “We’re Stronger Together.” It begs the question, however, of stronger against what or whom.

We're Stronger Together
We’re Stronger Together

Actually, it’s not much of a question. In a reprise of Obama’s variations on a them of “We Can’t Let Them Win,” the enemy is the American people, especially: Whites, men, Christians, and heterosexuals. Most especially, it’s the GOP and anyone who might vote for members of the Republican Party. We are, after all, what Hillary, her supporters, and those they pander to and enable consider deplorables.

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Convention Coverage

The Lamestream Media's version of it at leastMSM Convention Coverage

The Lamestream media dutifully provided coverage for both the Republican and Democrat Nation Conventions and the official nominations of their respective presidential candidates. Of course they did so in what has become their new, normal style.

Then, this is of little shock. The elites within the Democrat party, such as Donna Brazile, are actually in the employ of various Lamestream propaganda outlets, proving that in these degenerate times their is no separation between the Democrats and the media.

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Controlled Bern

I really thought we were largely done with Bernie and would only have to hear about the “hijinks” of the #BernOuts and #Sandernistas as the rebelled at Democrat orthodoxy, i.e., Hillary Clinton, the Chosen Cunt. I was, however, wrong. It’s seem old Bernie has been “gotten to” and is now being used to put out the very fire he started.

The DNC is good at setting suppression firesDNC – Setting a Controlled Bern To Suppress A Wildfire

The Democrats have always been good at fire control though, so this shouldn’t be as odd as it is. Still, Bernie’s flip is shocking in its rapidity and extremity as he turned against his own followers and everything they were indoctrinated to believe in.

I’ve got to give Hillary and DNC credit though for efficiency and efficacy though. Using a Controlled Bern as a Suppression Fire to starve out the very wildfire he created within the Democrats’ rank and file when they were afraid that fire would overrun Hillary’s firebreak aka the DNC is possessed of a terrible elegance.

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