Happy Thanksgiving

Posted in Society on November 26th, 2015

Niki As IndianHappy Thanksgiving

To all my fellow Americans – I wish you a happy Thanksgiving. To the Liberals and Progressives – I leave you with the quandary of whether or not you can bring yourself to bitch about a Black immigrant dressed as an “Indian Princess.” 😛

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Obama Analyzes America

Posted in Politics on November 21st, 2015

Liberals and Progressives are wont to gush of Obama’s analytical abilities…

Legitimately fear ISIS? Obama thinks your racistObama Analyzes America

Of course they do! Obama’s analysis of Americans is always the same and fits perfectly with the oikophobic Liberals and Progressives’ dogma. The boy doesn’t seem capable of seeing dissent as anything other than a sign of America’s “systemic racism.”

This begs the question though. Is Obama just another cynical, race-baiting grifter trading on identity politics to get his way or does the boy actually believe what he says?

It seems an important question to me. If Obama is the former, that’s one thing and a thing that can be dealt with. If, however, Obama – affluent, highly educated, and White raised – really can’t see anything except through the lens of race, that’s strong evidence to support the theory that America should not and must not ever again elect a Black to high office.

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Obama’s Ground Troops

Posted in Politics on November 19th, 2015

Obama absolutely refuses to even consider using US ground troops against ISIS or any other Muslim terrorists and/or extremists. On the other hand, the boy is at the same time demanding that America import tens of thousands of their ground troops.

Obama Stands With IslamObama’s Ground Troops

In other words, Obama has decided for himself that the political winds have turned to what he considers an ugly direction and he’s siding with the Muslims.

Frankly, I can think of few sadder things for America than the fact that its current POTUS is more of a clear and present danger on the occasions when it is shown that he spoke the truth than when he has lied.

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