There’ll Be No Riots

Posted in Society on August 28th, 2015

I just want to put your minds at rest. Despite a Des Moines, IA police officer shooting and killing an unarmed man and the grand jury chose not to indict her, there will be no riots, no looting, and no protests to disrupt the day to day operations of any people.

You see, the man killed by Officer Vanessa Miller was White and only #BlackLivesMatter enough- and to the particular sorts who will riot, loot, and disruptively protest.

Ryan Bolinger was shot dead by a Des Moines' LEO for "walking with intent"
Ryan Bolinger – Shot Dead By LEO For “Walking With Intent”

On the evening of Tuesday, June 09, 2015 Officer Miller chased 28 year-old Ryan Bolinger – presumably in her vehicle – after he got out of his car earlier and began dancing in the street.

After Bolinger stopped, Officer Miller claims he got out of his car and was walking “with a purpose” toward her car and she concluded that she was being threatened. So she fired her weapon through the window of her car and killed him.

The grand jury found that shooting through one’s own window and killing an unarmed man who’s crime was dancing in the street and “with a purpose” toward the police officer was objectively reasonable in light of the facts and circumstances confronting her.

But again – nobody need fear any mass violence or disruption of daily lives due to Officer Vanessa Miller killing Ryan Bolinger. Officer Miller is a female, a protected class – so protected that I can’t even find a picture of her, and Ryan Bolinger was a White man, a specifically unprotected class.

Face it, were safe. The Blacks – the only ones who will riot and loot in “protest” of such things – at best, don’t care about a cop killing a White and, more commonly, are happy with it since it’s a dead White. And the Liberals and Progressives – ever so fond of disruptive protests – are inundated and complicit with the Feminists, who fully believe that a man approaching a woman, armed or not, is inherently an existential threat to that woman.

Similarly and for the same reasons, there’s no credible threat of Obama having the social justice warriors within his DOJ launching an investigation or claiming that the Des Moines police department violated Bolinger’s civil rights by killing him.

So carry without worry. There’ll be no riots, no looting, no disruptive protests, no jabbering from Obama, and not even much in the way of media coverage.

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Obama Is Their President

Posted in Politics on August 28th, 2015

Given the boy’s ongoing behavior it shouldn’t shock anyone that Obama sides with Muslims over the American people. Gods above and below, it’s not like – in shades of Mein Kampf – he didn’t warn us all in his 2nd autobiography, The Audacity of Hope.

Obama Muslim POTUSObama Is Their President, Not Ours

From the boy’s apology tour of Muslim World, through his blaming the Benghazi massacre upon America, and to his negotiating to ensure the continuance of Iran’s nuclear weapons program, Obama has made his loyalties and who “his people” are or, at least, who “his people” include and exclude. Obama’s even made his rationale for such things clear at last.

So, while horrific and wrong, it should be no surprise at all to any American that the Obama Regime’s enforcers are declaring that the greatest growing domestic threat is militias – code-switching for “Crackas” – targeting Muslims while, at the same time, removing Muslim Terrorism from its threat matrix and lexicon.

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Liberals’ Childish Angst

Posted in Humor, Politics, Society on August 27th, 2015

Liberal Choices of AngstLiberals’ Childish Angst

And the greatest irony is the Liberals and Progressives – ever so fond of infanticide aka abortion – seem to feel, judging by the vitriolic rhetoric, that the underlying issue with the term, “Anchor Babies” is that it dehumanizes the results of the illegal aliens’ gestational tourism.

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