Part-Timing It

Posted in Humor, Politics on December 18th, 2014

Full times goes in and part times come out
The Obama Jobs Machine In Action

Is anyone even the least bit shocked that the Part-Time POTUS has created part-times jobs, where and when his policies and use of the “bully pulpit” have created jobs at all?

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Go Ahead, Be Nasty

Posted in Society on December 18th, 2014

The American people are fairly judgmental and, with a few horrid exceptions, fairly discerning as well. We’ve little, if anything, good to say about those individuals or groups who fail to live up to the baseline standards of our nation and our culture. Shunning and shaming those who don’t meet the expectations of our cultural norms and mores has been a part of American society since before we were a nation.

So, when you see someone like this, go ahead, be nasty.

Go Ahead, Be Nasty

Of course, in these latter, degenerate times, don’t say a word if you see someone like this. That’d be politically incorrect and “horribly racist.”

Ghetto "Mother"
Don’t Say A Word, Racist

Yes, the Black bitch is as bad, if not significantly worse, than the White Trash bitch. Yes, too say anything about her would only be applying the same standard as one applied to the White depicted above. None of that matters. Since she’s a Black it’s politically incorrect and “racist” to speak ill of her in any fashion.

And this is one of the greatest of America’s more recent failings. Now, to avoid being labelled as racists – and to avoid widespread violent and disruptive “protests” by the Blacks and their oikophobic Liberal and Progressive enablers and panderers – we are forced to apply different, race-based standards to people’s behavior.

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Nope! That’s Racist

Posted in Humor, Society on December 17th, 2014

Only White Privilege could allow someone not to know this cartoon is racist. It's White!
Nope! That’s Racist And An Example Of White Privilege

The cartoon above is a new addition to the annals of failure. Only someone blessed with White Privilege would ever consider it to be other than inherently racist…because it’s White.

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