Set An Extra Place

Set an extra place at the table this memorial day

Well, it’s Memorial Day once, though most people seem to confuse it with Veterans Day these days.

So please, do enjoy your BBQ – I will – because it’s the right thing to do. It’s good to celebrate the life, freedom, and prosperity that those rough men and women died to protect.

But maybe, just maybe, you might want to set an extra place at the table for their shades. They did, after all, pay for that fine meal.

That’s all. Just a thought that maybe you might want to spare a thought and a little table space for our fallen soldiers and the ones they left behind.

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Honor Guard

Honor GuardHonor Guard

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Enjoy Your BBQ

It’s Memorial Day. For most people in the US this is a day of BBQs, picnics, and other fun, outdoor activities and parties. What might have been a solemn day of remembrance has evolved into a Spring celebration of fun and family.

I say that this is a great and good thing! Far better we celebrate the lives, lifestyles, a liberties our fallen warriors gave us than to wallow in misery and painful memory. I think their shades are far happier for this than they would be otherwise for it is proof that their sacrifices weren’t in vain.

So enjoy your BBQ…but, please spare a bit of thought for the ghosts that will attend it alongside you and who made it possible. Consecrate your fun, as it were, as a memorial to their deaths and celebration of victories they earned and which you enjoy.

Military Funeral Ceremony
There Are Ghosts At Your Table

And, if you can, think a bit about their Dependents who our fallen warriors were forced to leave behind. If you know any, invite them along on your outing…and thank them for they’ve sacrificed greatly as well and their pain isn’t over yet.

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Some Things Don’t Change

A soldier’s weapons and gear change, regularly being updated and improved to meet the needs of the ever-changing battlefield. Some things don’t change though; the reason why every soldier who chose to join the miltary being one of these constants.

For Love Of Country
For Love Of Country

By and large these men and women joined up for the simple reason of their love of their country. That’s the singular reason why they chose to write a blank check to their nation, payable upon their lives, their minds, and their very souls if needs be.

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