The Year(s) Of Corona-Chan

The Year(s) Of Corona-Chan
As It Was, So Shall It Be
The Year(s) Of Corona-Chan
As It Was, So Shall It Be

“Happy” New Year. 😐 Frankly, there seems little to celebrate and less to differentiate 2022. In these, the years of Corona-Chan and the media’s and the Democrats’ manipulation of the surrounding panicdemic, one year just runs into the next, and none seem any better than the last.

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Celebrating Boxing Day

Celebrating Boxing Day

Once again, it’s Boxing Day, the last vestige of Saturnalia that is still somewhat widely celebrated in the world today. Sadly, celebrating it will be hard and rarer in 2021. The fear and economic ruin surrounding COVID-19, combined with the Great Resignation, has largely destroyed the underpinnings of this so very delightful holiday.

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Christmas' True Meaning

Christmas’ True Meaning

It’s actually kind of, sort of like that! The Christians’ winter holiday is celebrated using various traditions and trappings of a variety of other, earlier established religions, either directly or indirectly appropriated from them and their worshippers’ cultures. 😆 Even the date of Christmas was likely coopted in this fashion under the rule of Emporer Constantine in the 4th century AD.

And, you know what? Meh. Who cares? One, this sort of thing happens. Two, they lost their war over Christmas decades ago… to their own culture.

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This Is Caroling!

Like a lot of people – *cough* *cough* Tyler – I both like Christmas carols and have a certain propensity for remixing them. And this is one may just be the best carol of rock I’ve found. Enjoy! 😀

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The Other Side Of Christmas

So many people, especially those in America, totally forget the other side of Christmas. It’s all about Santa and getting stuff here and now. Krampus and the punishment of the wicked and/or slothful are utterly cast aside and forgotten.

‘Tis Krampus’ Night Too. Have You’ve Been Naughty?

🙄 Of course, we being the peoples that we are, it’s blatantly and admittedly beautifully apparent that Krampus isn’t a source of fear or useful in the moral lessons that were once inherent in Christmas traditions.


Well, we could borrow Iceland’s Jólakötturinn, a giant black cat who devours children on Christmas Eve who didn’t get new clothes for the holiday. And hey! Jólakötturinn is the housepet of the giantess Grýla, her latest husband, Leppalúði, and he bevy of sons – all by previous husbands – the Yule Lads, who all love eating unruly, disobedient, and/or unwanted children.

And no, insofar as I can find, there no sexy Jólakötturinn or Grýla cosplay going on… yet. 😉

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