‘Tis Boxing Day!

‘Tis Boxing Day!

Once again it’s Boxing Day, the last vestige of Saturnalia that is still somewhat widely celebrated in the world today. Enjoy!

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‘Tis Still The Season

‘Tis Still The Season – Keep Feeling it!

Yeah, here’s the thing – Christmas actually starts the Christmas Season, not ends it. The Twelve Days of Christmas start on Christmas and go to January 5th, which is Twelfth Night. So, it’s A-OK to continue to enjoy some Christmas cheer. 😉 And continuing to unwrap these sorts of presents is encouraged.

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Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020 - It's Not All Turkey And Fellowship
Thanksgiving 2020 – It’s Not All Turkey And Fellowship

Like every Thanksgiving – really, every single day – we Americans – and the Democrats and Likely Democrat demographics living within our nation’s borders – have a great deal to be thankful for. This is 2020 however, and that means that it’s a far cry from perfect or lacking in reasons for rancor.

One has to wonder just how many families in Democrat-controlled regions will have to police called on them and face criminal charges for having an extended family dinner this Holiday. One also has to at the same time wonder how many innocents will be put at risk or actually harmed through Democrat-sponsored actions to #DefundThePolice.

So, be thankful for what you have; enjoy the feast and fellowship; but be aware and be safe.

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A Happy & Hot Halloween

Have A Happy & Hot Halloween

What with The ‘Rona and all, Halloween may be less fun than normal. But here’s still hoping you all have a happy and hot Halloween.

Some Adjustment Will Be Needed This Halloween

I mean sure, some adjustments will need to be made. But Americans are nothing if not both stubborn and creative. We can not make do, we can overcome any and all obstacles fate or our enemies place before us.

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International Coffee Day

I Eat Salad Every Day ... Um, Coffee
Yeah, It’s Like That With Me

Yeah, that’s me. I drink a pot or two – at least – of coffee every day. Indeed, the ubiquitousness of coffee in my diet is why I almost forgot to celebrate America’s National Coffee Day last Thursday. I do, after all, celebrate it 365 days a year. 😉

It’s International Coffee Day

But today is International Coffee Day! So rise, shine, brew up and enjoy a hot mug of java, and celebrate the beauty that is a cup of coffee.

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