Thanksgiving In 2022

Thanksgiving – America’s Best Holiday

It’s about Thanksgiving, America’s best – in my opinion – and in some, though not all or fundamentally, ways most unique holiday. At least it is unique in its specific combination of national celebration, gathering of, oft-times now scattered, family, and feasting – all purported centered upon giving thanks for what one has or has avoided.

And, as you can see, there’s a lot to be thankful for. 😉

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The War On Christmas

The War On Christmas
The War On Christmas Cannot End! #ThanksgivingMatters

Despite it putting us on the same side as our domestic enemies, the Democrats, the just war on Christmas, and its expansionist colonialism of Autumn must be wage incessantly and prosecuted with stern vigor until the Klaus Regime capitulates and returns to abiding by the strictures set forth in the Black Friday Agreement!

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Thanksgiving 2020

Thanksgiving 2020 - It's Not All Turkey And Fellowship
Thanksgiving 2020 – It’s Not All Turkey And Fellowship

Like every Thanksgiving – really, every single day – we Americans – and the Democrats and Likely Democrat demographics living within our nation’s borders – have a great deal to be thankful for. This is 2020 however, and that means that it’s a far cry from perfect or lacking in reasons for rancor.

One has to wonder just how many families in Democrat-controlled regions will have to police called on them and face criminal charges for having an extended family dinner this Holiday. One also has to at the same time wonder how many innocents will be put at risk or actually harmed through Democrat-sponsored actions to #DefundThePolice.

So, be thankful for what you have; enjoy the feast and fellowship; but be aware and be safe.

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Mmmm – Smells Like Victory

Mmmm - Smells Like Victory
Mmmm – Smells Like Victory

I love the smell of pumpkin pie in the evening; smells like victory! ROFLMAO Though I do find your lack of mincemeat disturbing.

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Many Reasons For Thanks

We American Men Have A Lot To Be Thankful For

Since it’s Thanksgiving, here are 27 of the 70 million or so reasons – it’s a very rough approximation – why American men should be thankful. And yes, every American man should be thankful for the beautiful women of our heartland, those country girls who’ve done their blessed best to keep the spark of American greatness alive.

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