Bernie’s Tools For 2020

Bernie's Tools
Bernie’s Tools For 2020

Yes, it seems that old Bernie hasn’t learned his lesson and is considering running for POTUS again in 2020. 🙄 But hey! Bernie’s an avowed Socialist and, given how many times it’s been tried and how many times it’s failed at a great and bloody cost, it’s not too surprising that Bernie hasn’t learned his lesson.

Yeah, that’s the thing; when you’re a socialist and every problem looks like the “Aristocracy” and the Bourgeoisie, the only tools in your kit are going to be a hammer and sickle.

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The Socialism Cycle

Socialism Cycle
The Socialism Cycle

It’s quite true; Socialism runs in a cycle, a cycle that goes around itself along the same pathways each time it occurs. OK, more accurately, it’s an epicycle with the Tytler Cycle that normal appears sometime after Apathy but before Spiritual Faith.

Repeatedly in various places in the world Socialism is enacted; it fails horribly, normally at great cost to those subject to it; and, in the aftermath of that failure, others who want to start the Socialism cycle elsewhere or elsewhen claim that it hadn’t really been Socialism so it’s failure doesn’t count and should be ignored.

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Free Birth Control

Free Birth ControlYou Want Free Birth Control?

The womyn of the current, toxic wave of Feminism along with many other subspecies of Liberals and Progressives are clamoring for free birth control. Well, above is an idea that should work them. 😉

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