2018 Trick-Or-Treat Risks

2018 Trick 'R Treat Risks - Left-Wing Mobs assaulting Americans
2018 Trick-Or-Treat Risks

With Halloween fast approaching, you all take steps and make preparations for your own safety and the safety of your women and children. The Trick-Or-Treat Risks are a lot worse this year than most.

Remember, not all the ones out there in masks or scary looking clothes are there for the celebrations.  Some of them may be Democrats, like the #Resist-ers, #MeToo, #Antifa, and/or #BlackLivesMatter.

So, be care out there and don’t hesitate to do whatever you feel is necessary to make it home safe at the end of the night’s trick-or-treating.

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My View Of Waters

Maxine Waters - Findot
My View Of Maxine Waters

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