Endorsed By Hamas

Posted in Politics on February 8th, 2015

Though far-flung, hyperbolic in the extreme, and inaccurate in the specific, these guys still got it right in the larger context.

With a POTUS like him, who needs Jihadists?
Obama – Endorsed By Hamas

The only reason Hamas doesn’t endorse Obama is that they’re too stupid to realize that the boy’s the best, staunchest, and most powerful ally in their war to eradicate the Jews and Christians in Israel.

This, of course, begs two questions:

  1. How much are the words and deeds – or lack thereof – of a POTUS worth in a purely material sense?
  2. If that worth is set as greater than $0.00, why hasn’t the appropriate provisions of the NDAA been applied to Obama?

Face it; with a POTUS like Obama, who needs Jihadis? The boy is the epitome of “home grown” Muslim terrorism. Hellfire! The Obama Regime is a State Sponsor of Terrorism.

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Carter Dutifully Queried

Posted in Politics on January 14th, 2015


Jimmy Carter - Islamist
It’s All Israel’s Fault

I really don’t know why Obama is so worried about the MSM occasionally publishes some article or airing some peace that might just possibly be construed by some as being anti-jihad. It’s not as if that same MSM doesn’t, whenever the Muslims commit another atrocity, always dutifully go to Jimmy Carter so that the senile anti-Semite can blame Israel.

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If France Were Jewish

Posted in Politics, Religion on January 13th, 2015

A Two-State Solution For France
If France Were Jewish…

Face facts; If France were a Jewish nation, Liberals and Progressives would be saying that the Muslims’ massacre of the Charlie Hebdo staff, combined with the recent Muslim riots and looting, shows that France must be divided into two states – one Muslim, one otherwise.

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