The Indoctrination Gap

The Indoctrination Gap
The Indoctrination Gap

Periodically – normally either while they’re losing an election or immediately after having lost one – our domestic enemies will bemoan the “education gap” between them and Americans, who vote for Republicans. The rest of the time they tend to be patronizing and sarcastic about it and those “ignorant bumpkins” in rural America.

Yet, what is truer is that there is a widening Indoctrination Gap between the Leftists and the American people. A couple of generations of ever-increasing left-wing indoctrination being added to- or disguised as “higher education” has both guaranteed that college graduates would at least lean Left and that Americans would more and more reject the institutions that did this and which continue to escalate their doing of it.

And, to cement things and increase both the divide and the Leftists’ indoctrination of the college educated, the graduates’ incurred debt, declining ROI on their education, and the need or implanted desire to move to higher cost of living urban centers, all conspire to both separate the two groups further and to make Americans think poorly of college as path to take in life.

But hey! What do I know? I’m just a deplorable, knuckle-dragging ignoramus…

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What Is In A Word?

What’s in a word? Given that words shape and frame thought and are the very foundation of discourse and debate, the answer has to be a whole lot. This is why the Liberals’ and Progressives’ ongoing campaign to make various and sundry words mean whatever it is they wish them to mean at that moment is so pernicious.

Bosch's Hellish Humpty DumptyLiberals’ Are Like A Hellish Humpty Dumpty

Truly, the Liberals, Progressives, and their minority tenant farmers are like some twisted, hellish, Boschian version of Humtpy Dumpty.

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said, in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.”

“The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

“The question is,” said Humpty Dumpty, “which is to be master—that’s all.”

Alice was too much puzzled to say anything, so after a minute Humpty Dumpty began again. “They’ve a temper, some of them—particularly verbs, they’re the proudest—adjectives you can do anything with, but not verbs—however, I can manage the whole lot! Impenetrability! That’s what I say!

— Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, p. 72

Racism, sexism, Islamophobia, rape, abuse, oppression, rights, privilege – even simple terms for biological gender, mean whatsoever the Liberals and Progressives say they mean…or so they so stridently claim. Americans, like Alice, are more than a little skeptical of this.

What this means is that Americans and our domestic enemies, the Liberals, Progressives, and their minority tenant farmers, can neither debate nor reach compromise because we’re not working from the same lexicon. All we can do is knock them off their walls and break them past the point where they or anyone can put them back together again.

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It’s Anti-Clerisialism

jonolanTo start with, there was before this date no such word as clerisialism or its antithesis. I, in my hubris and out of specific necessity, just coined it. It is meant to denote an “ism” predicated up the noun, “clerisy” – a distinct class of learned or literary people.

What can I say, I may be arrogant, but English – especially American English – is a living language.

Alright, now that I’ve given longer than truly needed shrift to the linguists out there, let me continue on to substance of the post…

Anti-Clerisialism Not Anti-Intellectualism

There’s a once-again growing trend towards hysteria, especially amongst Leftists, that the American people are growing more and more anti-intellectual in outlook and ideology. This is a cyclical plaint from the left-wing intelligentsia that returns whenever whatever idea they’re pushing at that time is rejected by the American people. It is also as wrong as it is recurring.

No, what America is experiencing is a rise in what I have dubbed anti-clerisialism. Large swaths of the People are rejecting the Liberal and Progressive clerisy and are denying that that these Leftists have any form of valid magisterium. We are rejecting the Left’s claim of authority to teach and indoctrinate, not rejecting education or intellectual pursuits.

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Hitler vs. Bush

Education in America’s lamentable public school system has gone a long way over the last six decades. Sadly, it’s gone a long way away from America and basic, right-thinking morality. Most certainly it is now little more than poorly, if at all, disguised anti-American, Liberal indoctrination of our children.


Use a Venn Diagram to Compare Adolph Hitler and President Bush Jr.
(Click to Enlarge)

A current and most egregious case in point is that McKinley Middle School in Washington D.C.’s Northeast curriculum includes some “interesting” homework assignments, especially in what they purport to be their English department.

Directions: Now that we have read about two men of power who abused their power in various ways, we will compare and contrast them and their actions. Please refer to your texts, ‘Fighting Hitler — A Holocaust Story’ and ‘Bush: Iraq War Justified Despite No WMD’ to compare and contrast former President George W. Bush and Hitler. We will use this in class tomorrow for an activity!

Bear in mind that this was a 6th grade English class’ homework assignment. It was neither a class filled with more mature students nor was it a class on Social Studies. Yet the class’ teacher, who McKinley Middle School and the school district refuse to identify, felt that was both needful and appropriate to have the class compare and contrast President George W. Bush with Hitler, all the while tacitly and implicitly comparing the Iraq War with The Holocaust.

Yeah, education in America’s lamentable public school system has gone a long way over the last six decades. 🙁

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Teaching Remedial Math

Liberals and Progressives always come out strong and strident for education, seeing themselves as the cleristry that must guide and tend the vast, unwashed masses of churls. Looking at them and the nation, this is ironic since they seem woefully bad at math.

Education and Costs
Remedial Math – I.E., Math For Liberals

To add fixed numbers to these trends, let it be known that total K-12 education expenditures in the US are approximately $661 billion at this time, taking into acct all federal, state, and local funding. We are also spending 2.9 times per student (in inflation-adjusted 2013 dollars) in 2013 that we were in 1970.

Yet the educational outcomes in reading, math, and science are nigh on flat lined during that same 43 year period.

It doesn’t take a genius to see and understand that America is spending inordinate amounts of money on attempting to educate our nation’s youth and receiving little or nothing in return for it. And yet the Liberals and Progressives not only rail against reduction in this waste but demand even more, and more, and more of it.

We’re left with two possible conclusions. Either the Liberals and Progressives and very bad at math and never took even basic Home Economics in school or their constant demands for more and more spending on education have nothing to do with teaching America’s children needed skills and knowledge.

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